An Open Letter To The Men Who Feel Stuck

Here’s to the men in the 20th century who feel as if they have lost their mind in a generation where some women act in the most irrational ways possible yet expect a man to love and respect them. This piece of writing is going to be more of an informative list on women in order to relieve your sanity regarding whether or not you are a good person.

1. Not all women are the same. However, the woman you are most likely looking for is busy getting her life in order or simply living her own life, she will not be amongst the typical crowd.

2. Being her friend first off will give you a much higher chance for things to become more intimate.

3. If you come in contact with a strong independent woman, do not be scared to approach her. If anything she would love the fact you made the first move due to the fact she is used to be very intimidating.

4. There are good women out there still, do not give up yet.

5. She will love you no matter the circumstance as long as you are always honest, loving, and respectful, you know the deal.

6. Those qualities sound rare these days but if you are a good man hopefully those qualities come easy and the good women will see, appreciate, and sometimes even commend you on them.

7. She will be your best friend. You will be able to laugh with her about anything and when things get rough she will still be there for you whether it be to comfort or fix a problem.

8. She will be one of your biggest supporters. You won a game of flag football with your friends? She’ll be cheering you on even though it is something so small.

9. She’ll be loyal beyond belief. I read on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, I see some males posting how “No female is loyal”. That is one of the worse generalizations I have ever read.

10. She will accept you for your flaws and realize she has flaws as well that she hopes you’ll accept with the same grain of salt.

11. She will make sure you feel loved. She will not pull the “feminist” card regarding basic acts that shows one cares. By that I mean cooking dinner, paying a bill, letting you know and get used to the fact you are more than welcome to be open with her and if you cry at any point she will not judge, she will simply hold you until you are read to talk.

12. She will not play with your heart or beat around the bush. If she wants a relationship, friends with benefits, simply just friends, she will let you know. A person’s heart is way too fragile to play with in any manner nor are lies needed.

13. She will understand that it takes quite a bit for a man to get used to a woman and she will be patient with you. Again, do not intentionally hurt her but we are humans, we mess up.

14. Once you get use to her, her quirks, likes, dislikes, attitudes, moods, lifestyle, so on she will be beyond appreciative because you have shown that you care.

15. Lastly, if you continue to show affection and interest she will bless your life with so much positivity you just might want to throw up.

These 15 things sound so simple but sadly they are missed in today’s society. Not trying to toot my own horn but as a strong, independent, young woman I can attest that all of these are accurate. I think the most important thing to learn is that depending on the woman you want you might have to go through different obstacles than other situations. I know this sounds silly “a woman you want,” but it is part of the human nature to want love and to be accepted by someone who understands us like no one else has. I hope this was a bit helpful to you men, gave you a bit of hope for your future at least.

With love always, Amanda K.

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