Dear dad,

I hate being scared to tell people that you're a police officer. Not because I'm not proud of you, or because I'm ashamed of what you do. It's because I am afraid that people will look at me or you differently. You risk so much every day when you go to work to help other people.

However, with the society we live in today, cops are branded as racists. But what they don't know is how awesome and funny you are. They see a guy with huge arms and a stare cold as the color of his eyes. They don't see a dad. They don't see the man who talks about superheroes with his kids hours on end. They don't see you on family trips. The hills were certainly alive.

I wish everyone could see what happens behind the closed doors of officer's families. Every single day, officers go home to their spouse and their kids. Give them a hug and a kiss, and at this day in age, you never know when you're going to do that.

Society is messed up, dad. In my 18 years of life, I have never been shocked at the way people talked about law enforcement; because up until recently, they have had nothing good to say about them. I will defend you and the rest of the officers until the day I die.

Everyone has good in them. Some police officers are corrupted in the brain, but not all of them. You're not. You do your job the way you are supposed to do it. You love what you do, you love helping people. I love the stories you sometimes tell from work, and I love even more seeing you come home with an award for something you've achieved (even if it's an award you've already received). I love being your daughter. You are my own personal superhero and I will never stop telling people that my dad is a cop and I'm proud of him.

So to the man behind the badge and the gun. To the man behind closed doors. To the man who loves dogs and who collects every single comic book ever. To the man who taught me how to shoot a bow (even with these noodle arms). Thank you for what you do. You aren't the bad guy, you make us safe from the bad guys.

As long as you have that badge, I will always back the blue. It's my duty as a citizen, and as a daughter. I love you, dad, and continue to be proud of you every single day.