An Open Letter To The Guy Who Thought I Needed Him

An Open Letter To The Guy Who Thought I Needed Him

I don't miss you, but I still want to see you happy.

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To the guy that thought I needed him,

" You made my heart break, and that made me who I am."

Well I bet you are suprised that I am writing something dedicated to you, because we both know I do not owe you anything. The best thing about this letter though, is that it isn't for you, it's for me. I can finally make sure nothing is left unsaid and move on with my life, making sure you are not included in it. The first mistake you made was thinking that I needed you, when truth is I wanted you yes, but I am here stronger than ever writing this because I don't need you, never have and never will.

You thought because of my feelings for you that no matter what you did I would never leave. You thought that you could talk to as many other girls as possible, and that I would just stick around, well look how that turned out for you. As much anger and sadness I once felt, I am happier than ever, and I forgive you.

Even after everything I wish you nothing but the best, because you are not a bad guy. Yes, you made some bad choices, but I think you just need to accept the fact that you need to be single and figure out what you want because leaving a trail of broken hearts isn't who you are.

I just want to end this by saying prove to yourself that you are the guy that I know you can be. Though we went through some nasty times, we had so many good ones, and the start of what we were was picture perfect. Put your heart into the next relationship you get into, because I know you put your heart into everything else, don't rush into anything, and make sure they make you happy.

Thanks for the memories and thank you for allowing me to prove to myself that I can pick myself right back up when someone pushes me down.

Shawnna Grace

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