Dear future POTUS,

As 2016 comes to a close and we get closer to your inauguration date, my fear for the future of this country begins to grow more and more each day. I wish I didn’t have these concerns and could be thrilled for the impending inauguration like a majority of this country is but unfortunately, that is not the case. Throughout your presidential campaign, I was constantly appalled by your character and lack of political experience. When it came down to the primaries, I didn’t understand how a man who has never served in public office and was constantly making rude comments had made it this far in the election. When I asked my Father why he decided to vote for you, his response was that it was because you were a businessman. He believes that a businessman is what our country’s economy needs in order to fix the flaws in our economic system. He doesn’t necessarily like your personality, but he feels that you were the better choice for our nation’s economic progress.

No doubt, your campaign promise to “Make America Great Again” really captured the attention of many Americans. But honestly, why would you want to take America back to the past when America is becoming a better country through the changes we are making today. My generation’s current America is filled with millennials who are fighting for change and want to make our country a more accepting and inclusive place. Countless millennials support LGBT rights and fantastic organizations like Planned Parenthood that fight for women’s health issues and rights. Yet our next president is you, a man who has repeatedly publicly insulted and sexualized women in the media. I strongly hope that all of the steps our country has taken in favor of women’s rights does not take a step back with you as our leader. I hope that as President you become a kinder and more accepting man.

Moreover, you sold the idea of bringing back the American Dream yet you’re pledging to destroy the very foundation of this country by targeting immigrants. The United States of America is a world superpower built by immigrants. Every American is an immigrant or has an ancestry line filled with immigrants. As a daughter of two immigrants, I hope that your campaign promise to build a wall along the Mexican border and block federal funding to sanctuary cities never makes it to Congress.

All things considered, I hope for the future of this country that all of my doubts about your future presidency are proven to be false. I hope that America made the right choice in electing you and we will continue to prosper as the great country we are today. Hopefully, you really can make America great.


Samantha Atherley