You weren't supposed to grow on me.

You would give me bad attitude. You would expect me to drive you to places you shouldn't be. You made me deal with listening to your stories that I didn't care about, but you would never listen to mine. You would expect me to help you with a class that I took last year, and then criticize the effort I put forth to help you.

You stole my clothes. My hair products. My jokes. My jewelry. Dear younger sister, you stole everything of my mine in your attempts to be more like me.

And I hated you trying to be like me. And I would tell you that I hate you.

Sis, it wasn't until I left for college that I realized there is a part of me deep inside that loves you and misses you more than words can say.

I miss having sleepovers in each other's room. I miss keeping secrets from mom and dad. I miss going on lunch dates. I miss talking about boys and watching funny videos and listening to Hamilton.

I wish we had more time.

So I write this open letter to you, younger sister, because I would never be able to say it to your face. I miss you and your annoying rants. I miss you and your witty comebacks. I miss you and all the complaining you would do. I miss you, Sis.

But here's what you're gonna do now that I'm gone...

You're going to have to get your license and drive yourself around because I for sure can't do that for you when I'm here at college.

You're going to have to start having sleepovers without me and with your friends or our pets instead. You're also going to have to send me daily Snapchats of the cat because I will miss her just a little bit more than you.

You're going to have to do your own homework. I did my time in that hell hole called high school. You can get a tutor or have mom or dad help you, but I'm out, dude.

You're going to have to keep me updated on boys and/or if you ever get a boyfriend so I can Facebook stalk him.

You're going to have to keep being my younger sister. Just a little farther away than what we're used to.

I miss you. I hope you're having a good time as the older sister in the house now. I'm still the favorite child.

Love always,

Your older sister