An Open Letter To My Ex
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An Open Letter To My Ex

I didn't deserve someone who treated me like an obligation.

An Open Letter To My Ex

So, the day finally comes when I can address you.

Maybe this wouldn't be so hard to write if we acted like adults, but as you have taught me, you are nowhere close to being one.

You taught me what love is not. When we were together, I had settled on the idea that everyone acted the way you did. I thought love would always be half-assed gifts and only showing you care when a fight would break out (not like you did that one really). I would never be defended in front of family, you'd let them just walk over me and sometimes even joined in on making me look like a joke. I thought that love would always be a mediocre attempt at caring for another person, even when I gave my all.

You showed me you didn't know what the word "no" meant when your dog knew how to behave better than you. You would never let something go because you just had to have something. You were never nice to waiters or waitresses, you didn't hold the door for elderly people, or me for that matter, you would just let it fall on them, you never paid for anything, and you never wanted to be seen in public with me.

You couldn't even hold a conversation with my parents, they would have to talk at you. You barely spoke to me, and talking about the future or why the moon never shows its other side? No, you never wanted to ponder life with me. Despite this, I stayed, because I knew deep down, deep down you could be a better person.

I was wrong.

You made me feel guilty for getting upset when I had suspicions you were messing around with others behind my back. You would fear for "your safety" when I would break down crying and you'd just sit and stare at me while doing nothing to comfort me. You made me feel psycho, granted you did make me that way, because I would have to fight you just to look at your phone. Joke's on me I guess, because I still trusted you after I found every bit of proof that confirmed you had been unfaithful.

So here is what you would be reading if you didn't break up with me by just blocking me on social media:

You messed up.

You had someone who was willing to put every lie you had ever told them behind them and start over. You screwed up because I would have done anything for you, like staying with you despite how shitty of a partner you were. You may have blocked me, but unlike you, I was open with my passwords. So, I hope you saw what you wanted when you logged on to my social media five months after you dumped me.

The final thing I want to say is thank you. Thank you for treating me like I wasn't a priority. Thank you for lying straight to my face and saying you would never cheat on me. Thank you for leaving me. Thank you for breaking my heart in such a way I didn't think I could ever forgive you.

Because you broke my heart, I found someone who doesn't half-ass our relationship. I found someone who says "yes ma'am" and holds the door not only for me, but everyone who is also on their way in, and someone who actually talks to my parents. I found someone who stays up with me all night to talk about anything and everything.

I found someone who reaches for their wallet before I reach for mine. I found someone who will make me laugh when I'm beyond angry. I found someone who knows I didn't throw a broom at them because I'm mad at them, but because I was frustrated, and then we proceeded to laugh about how silly I looked. I found someone who understands a relationship takes effort and that knows arguments are going to happen.

I hated how we ended, and I really cringe at how stupid I was for giving you so many chances, but you taught me what I didn't deserve. I didn't deserve someone who treated me like an obligation.

Thank you for being a shitty significant other.

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