An Open Letter To My College Friends

Dear College Friends,

It is so crazy to think that this time last year not only did I not know you, but I had no idea that you would be my people. Before I got to college, I felt nervous about finding my place, my people and my happiness. Coming from a small school, I was not used to meeting so many people and having the opportunity to create relationships with anyone I wanted. I met some of you before our first semester started, knew some of you before I even committed to Michigan, and met some shortly after my first few weeks. It seems almost impossible that such strong bonds can be made in such a short period of time, but take it from me, it is so possible.

Growing up, I had an incredible support system. My wonderful family who has believed in anything I have ever done, and friends who I knew I could always depend on. My mom always told me about how your college friends aren't like regular friends, and I never truly knew what this meant, until now. You guys aren't just my friends. Your my mom when I need advice, my sister when I need an outfit, my shoulder to cry on when I'm feeling down, and my everything whenever I need it. The most amazing part of college is that you are in the same boat as everyone else. You are out of your comfort zone, away from family and sometimes it's harder than it may seem. My friends that I have made here are the reason everyday is easier.

For me, joining a sorority was imperative in making these relationships. I never had a sister, only a brother (who by the way is also my college friend so shouts to you brother!). Although I had close friends that felt like sisters at some points, I never truly knew how different it would be once I joined a sorority. As I said before, these girls are so much more than my friends. They are family.

I had the most incredible, joy-filled first semester because of my people. Thank you guys for every late night hang out, brunch, funny group chat message, and being by my side and there for me no matter what. Thank you for giving me a home away from home and a family full of girls who love each other more than anything. You know who you are.

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