An Open Letter To My Mom And Best Friend

To my very best friend,

It's crazy to believe that up until the past few years my innocent, young-self had no idea quite how lucky I am. I believe that sometimes we take for granted the very simple things that we so often get to share. Whether it be car rides, morning coffee, or simply watching movies together, it's easy to overlook the here and now. When I was younger, I viewed these activities with a trivial lens, one that didn't recognize the significance.

What I do know is how I feel in the here and now. What I know is that growing up with a support system that exists no matter the distance is something so rare. Never have I spent a day feeling uncertain of our relationship and the depth it holds- near or far.

Your patience has taught me to be someone who listens- someone who actively and genuinely cares to hear out their loved ones, and strangers, too. Your empathic heart has led me to connect and comfort everyone I encounter to the best of my ability. Your quiet and subtle nature has reminded me to always stay humble and poised. Your creativity and perspective have influenced me to follow my dreams and look at life with the utmost optimistic lens.

In the simplest of terms- because of you, I am me. I could go on and thank you from the bottom of my heart every single day, but that... that will never compare to all that you have given me, and all that you continue to give me every single day.

It's not the material things that make this life so joyful, and I learned that from you at a very young age. You always told me that I would be happiest in life if I surrounded myself with people who make me the best version of myself, and how lucky am I that you're one of them?

Life begins to feel joyful when light is brought directly into your heart.

Thank you for being my light, mama. All I am is because of you.

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