Three months and two days ago, I moved to Dallas, and didn't know a single soul. Sure, I had chatted with my roommate on Facebook to decide who would bring the fridge and who would bring the TV, but when my family drove away I was pretty alone.

They have a saying here at SMU, "It all starts at Corral," meaning you find your future friends at Mustang Corral, three days of fun, camping, and bonding. Well my Corral experience was sub-par: it rained the entire time we were at camp (and most people hadn't brought rain jackets,) and the overall mood was, "Are we done yet?"

On a whim, the second week of class, I decided to go to a student ministry meeting for freshmen hosted by the Catholic Campus Ministry (at this time I had yet to learn that 1/4 of SMU's student population is Catholic,) in the student center. In the first few moments, I knew that I was in the right place. Listening to a group of students and student-leader discuss struggling with the adjustment to their new lives and their many changes and at the end of the night offering their voices to Jesus, I knew that FYSH (First Year Student Homes,) would become part of my weekly schedule.

I kept going to FYSH and started talking to others who kept up with the group. It began with, "hey do you want to get dinner before FYSH tonight?" in our GroupMe and grew to, "hey, add me on Snapchat," or "what's your number so I can just text you?"

Now every time I have a food craving, need (need is a loose term, sometimes I do just want to go look at Christmas decorations and school supplies,) to go Target, or want to do something on a Friday night, I text my 4-person group message that if I could name (thanks Adam for having an Android and screwing everything up,) Squad.

Now my squad is not what many would expect. We are made up of a Biology, Engineering, Business, and English major. One of us is a DI athlete, two of us would rather shoot our own eyes out than run, and 1 is somewhere in the middle. We are from Texas, Louisiana, and Illinois. We like different sports teams, foods, and hobbies. But at the end of the day, we are four people that are really happy to have found each other.

So thank you guys, for answering my texts when I ask, "will anyone go off campus for dinner with me so I don't have to be that lame person at a restaurant eating alone," or "will someone go to the football game with me and judge our loosing record the whole time?"

Thanks for horror movies and junk food nights. For Macs runs. For fish adventures (RIP Colin the fish). For taking selfies with me when I'm in uniform. For going see nerdy movies with me. For loving Bath and Body Works as much as I do. For surviving the fender bender with me. For not judging me when I buy Christmas tree socks or try on glitter Crocs.

Lorien, Caroline, and Adam,

Thanks for being my squad. I am always down for the next random adventure.