an open letter to Her.
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an open letter to Her.

Three simple words.


2 AM. You stopped and saw me. Maybe God sent you, or you just happened to be in the right place at the right time. But there I was, in my tree. The one place I go to escape the world. But more because no one can find me. But I was there. Holding on to that branch for dear life as a silent sob escaped my lips. I heard you walking, but I wouldn't know you anyway, so why care? But you stopped anyway. And said three words that hit me so hard, I can still feel it. "Are you okay?". You said it so soft at first. Like you weren't sure if I'd answer, or if I was even real. I looked down at you, with tears streaming down my face, and instead of walking away, you helped me down, and held me. For what seemed like hours, you held me as I sobbed my silent sobs until I could finally breathe again. And again, in that soft sweet angelic voice, you asked "What's wrong? Can I help?... can I listen?". So, I began. Of course, just the basics, I had only just met you, I hadn't even caught your name. He left. Again. But how am I surprised? He left before and when I fell further into the black hole surrounding me, he pulled me out. Just to leave again and send me spiraling. My best friend. He left me. And I hated him for it. But I couldn't. Because I knew it was my fault. I knew he had left because I wasn't mentally stable enough. Because I was a stress to him. Because I couldn't be good enough. I loved him anyway. To which you told me he wasn't worth it but sensed that my story was long from over. So, I spilled. About my father, who left. My mother, who was there, but wasn't. My sisters, who left and came back, just to leave again. I even told you my deepest fear, being alone. If it wasn't already obvious. I told you about school, and how stressed I was, and how I just wished I could be far away in a romance novel, being a housewife and not caring about anything other than how much love could I show my family. But that is no longer the world we live in, you wisely reminded me. "God has plans for you, ones we can't even imagine. But one day, you will change the world. And all those people who left, will never be able to hurt you again, but envy you. For your strength will be from God alone.", you said. I cried some more, and so did you. We hugged and went our separate ways. But not before you changed me. Or at least how I look at the shit God has thrown my way. People will leave, but people like you will always be there. To find a stranger in a tree, and love on her until she's able to walk on her own.

So, thank you stranger. Thank you for stopping. Thank you for loving on a broken mess of a girl. Thank you for asking three simple words. "Are you okay?".

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