Dear Bullies,

You keep trying to bring me down with your words.

You say, "Nobody likes you," or "You have no friends."

You try to bring me down to put yourself up.

You bully me to make yourself feel better.

You try to take away my friends so that I feel isolated.

You try to make me feel depressed and lonely as if nobody is there for me, except you don't realize that what you say can have a lasting effect on me.

You call other people names and insult and demean them for your pleasure.

You do your best to make sure I have nobody, but you don't realize the repercussions your words have.

I never stood up to you out of fear, but I do not fear you anymore. I realize that you're only doing this because you feel bad about yourself so you lash out at other people. I don't think you realize the lasting effect your words have on other people. I have chosen to kill you with kindness and be the bigger person instead of responding to you. I am always going to be kind to you instead of rude or mean back because I know that's exactly what you want me to do.

It's time for all of us who have been affected because of your words to take a stand. Bullying someone is never okay and it should no longer be tolerable to people. This isn't one of those, "Girls will be girls," or "Boys will be boys."

Your words hurt people and sometimes they have unexpected consequences such as people wanting to commit suicide or wishing they were dead. What's it going to take to make you stop for a second and realize that you need to apologize and grow up?

Does someone really need to try and commit suicide or actually commit suicide for you to realize that what you did or have been doing is wrong?

It's time we take a stand against bullying. Whether it be cyberbullying, harassment, or messing with people, it's wrong. So all of you who have bullied people in the past or who have been bullied, let's stand together to unite with one another and make it stop.

As Taylor Swift would say, "All you are is mean."


A Victim of Bullying