Dear reader,

If you're reading this then you probably want long, thick hair (no duh).

I love it when my friends compliment my hair or find it interwoven into their conversations. I won't lie, it's flattering. But, I feel like people - especially those who don't have thick hair - sometimes forget that thick hair requires a great deal of energy and time to maintain. As someone with poor self-esteem, this is particularly frustrating since I still live with the mentality that most people are shallow enough to judge others on the basis of appearance.

If you allow your hair to roam wild, then I'd advise you to skip this next paragraph.

If you're reading this sentence, then I assume your mane is cussed and almost never willing to cooperate. You know, maybe it's always getting ensnared in knots or just doesn't cooperate when you try to style it. For me, personally, it's usually dealing with flyaway hair and attempting to straighten it. Point is, if you already hate dealing with your hair now, it'll be far more draining once it becomes thicker.

Tangles are the worst, by and by.

Waking up with a dozen of them every morning is certainly no way to start the morning. And if you're in a rush, forget it. You might as well undo those knots and run out the door if you don't want to be late for school or work. You just better hope it'll be cooperative for the rest of the day.

Perhaps the most annoying thing, though, is having to deal with the random, stray hairs that suddenly materialize on your lighter colored clothing or in places you'd rather not have it be.

Honestly, it's embarrassing to have to pick out hairs from your white sweater or explain to your housemates why you're always shedding like the shaggy dog.

In the end, it's definitely silly to fuss over this - let alone write an article on it. There are people with larger issues to deal with, and it's easy to allow cosmetic problems simmer in the back burner. That's not what the sinister voice in the back of your head wants you to believe. It'll use every free moment it gets to convince you that you're the model on the catwalk or the celebrity at the red carpet.

Somehow, you're the center of everyone's attention, and they're just looking for any excuse to snub your appearance.