Anyone who has been in love with someone who is in love with else experiences a different kind of hurt. Opening up your heart to someone who cannot reciprocate the effort you are putting in is heartbreaking, no pun intended. There are some things to keep in mind, however, that might not seem to make a difference now, but will in the long run.

Loving someone who is in love with someone else takes courage. You are leaving yourself exposed to the highest degree with no certainty that the one you love will ever love you enough in return. That kind of commitment to something that may never happen takes courage. You are courageous.

Loving someone who is in love with someone else allows you to love without strings. Whether you end up with the person you're dreaming about, or someone else down the road, you are better off for loving without love in return.

There is nothing in it for you right now, so to speak, and yet you love unconditionally anyways. You will be able to love your true soulmate deeper and more meaningfully because of this experience. You love who you love without hesitation.

Loving someone who is in love with someone else forces you to be analytical about past and future relationships. You will very rarely jump into anything with haste. You have weighed the pros and cons of waiting around to see if you will receive love in return, and it's probably resulted in many sleepless nights.

There will come a time when you have to decide if what you're waiting for is truly worth the struggle, or if you are better off picking up the pieces and moving on. Either way, this experiences has impacted you. You are willing to scrutinize over the details to find your way.

Loving someone who is in love with someone else teaches you patience. Much like being analytical, this process has undoubtedly made you more patient and appreciative of the time you do have with that someone.

Whether it turns into something more or not, you have learned more about yourself and deepened your strengths that will aid in any future relationships. You know that anything worth having is worth waiting for.

It's no secret that not feeling the love back from the person you love most of all is a difficult feeling to move through. Just because the person you love is in love with someone else does not mean you should compromise your self-worth.

You are a human being with a beautiful mind and the capability to love deeply and fully. Someday, someone is going to realize that, and from there, there will be no looking back.