An Open Letter To All The People Who Are Always Asking Me For Advice

An Open Letter To All The People Who Are Always Asking Me For Advice

I am here for you.

There are always those people who go prodding and poking around in other people's lives because they just live for the drama. We all know them. We all regret as soon as we share a sliver of ourselves to them. They are those people that you can always find out the latest gossip and usually it is accurate because these people survive on other people's information.

I am not one of those people. And if you can clearly point out someone in your life after reading that, chances are, you aren't either. However, I am one of those people with a friendly face and sympathetic but tough demeanors. I also have been through the ringer on life experiences, so naturally people are drawn to talk to me about things. I have no problem with this, and I try my very best to support everyone that I can. I am thankful that people see me as a comforting ear and that they are actually talking to at least one person about their struggles, but I have some words to add for them.

First, I would like to thank you for looking to me for advice and caring support. Really it means a lot. I can be trusted, but you already know that if you're asking me. Know that while everyone does go through struggles, yours are unique to you, and only you can genuinely feel them and determine your emotions. If you are asking for advice on class schedules or looking for condolence in tough times, they can sometimes feel like the same stressors.

I get it. I may not understand your specific situation, but chances are that in some capacity I can connect with you. That is the funny thing about humans; we are all connected somehow. I won't try to tell you to brush anything off or that you are being overly dramatic, etc. That is not helpful, and can often times be worse off. Life is hard enough let alone worrying that who you talk to could bite you in the ass.

I will NOT judge you. It does not matter the situation. It does not matter what you did or didn't do. What matters is that you are looking to talk to someone and get advice. It is not my place to judge you, nor would I ever want to be judged in my most vulnerable.

I also will NOT tell you exactly what to do. This can be the most frustrating for you, but hear me out. I can offer you resources and urge you to do something. Usually, I won't sit back and be like "I dunno", but I won't give you a paint by number for anything. I don't know what to do either in most situations. It is how I can help you go about solving your own problems that counts. For life altering situations, my advice can only get you so far. What matters is that you learn to stand strong for yourself, while I support you. Ultimately all decisions are yours, so don't blame me either. That's not cool.

Lastly, remember who you are confiding in. There are so many people in this world that are just like the people I described above. They will use you, and feel no remorse. Unfortunately, I have seen this happen in my life countless times. It has even happened to myself. Again, I am not one of those people, and I WANT you to have the greatest life with the best support.

I am honored whenever anyone discloses things to me or looks to me for quick advice. It shows that my true colors are shining just the way that I want them to, and it lets me know that we are all just a bunch of humans trying to figure out this thing called life.

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Dear Mom, I Hope You Know

I hope you know that I am here for you--until the very end.

Dear Mom,

I hope you know that I appreciate you.

You are the hardest working woman I know, continuously putting your family before yourself. Thank you for doing all of the tedious jobs that no one wants to do like keeping the house in order, cooking the food, and doing the laundry. Thank you for constantly putting up with my siblings and I. Thank you for always supporting us in our interests and hobbies. Thank you for investing in our daily lives and listening to our minor problems. Thank you for always loving us unconditionally.

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I hope you know I'm sorry.

I know I can be a big pain in the butt sometimes, and for that I'm sorry. I'm sorry for yelling at you, arguing with you, not listening to you, and making dumb decisions at times, but thank you for loving me anyways. Thank you for helping me stand back up, teaching me right from wrong, and pushing me to be the very best version of me.

I hope you know your love inspires me.

You live your life with a love that is contagious. Whether its nurturing love, tough love, friendly love, or romantic love, you have it all and you show it daily. The love you and Dad share is something I hope to find one day and the love you have for your family is evident in the way you constantly put us first.

I hope you know that you are my biggest role model and hero.

Ever since I was a little girl, you have been the person I have looked to in my life. You are strong, independent, confident, loving, supportive, and nurturing-- everything I strive to be as a woman and as a future mother. You give the best advice, even when I don't always take it. Though, I should know better by now because mothers always know best. Without you in my life, I honestly don't know where I'd be.

I hope you know that you are my best friend.

Not only are you my biggest cheerleader supporting me in everything I do, you are the person I talk to about everything, whether it's good or bad. I'm honestly so thankful for the relationship we share because I've had countless screwups and you literally give the best advice. Seriously, thank you for being the person I can count on at all times, at any time of the day or even night to just talk with. I mean we really do have some of the best conversations, best laughs, best cries (when needed), and the most fun watching cheesy chick flicks together or going on crazy shopping adventures.

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I hope you know that I am here for you--until the very end.

I don't mean to make you cry or anything -- even though you probably already are, but I want you to know that when the time comes, I'm going to be there for you just like all of these years you've been here for me. I will be there to support you, talk with you, laugh with you, cry with you, and love you for all of my life.

Honestly, I can't really imagine my life without you -- but it doesn't matter because I wouldn't be here without you, so here's to you.

Thank you for being you.

Love you lots!

Your daughter.

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I'm Proud Of My Friends Because They Show Me The True Meaning Of Love Every Day

In the midst of a competitive, harsh society of school and work, my friends teach me everyday what it means to love.


Every Christmas, our friend group does Secret Santa, our little way of celebrating the holiday season even when all of us can't meet up at one time over the break. And every summer, we all meet up with each other and spend the entire day together, taking a slew of pictures and laughing nonstop.

I've come to realize in the past school year that competitive energy can bring out the worst in people, especially the ones you expected it from the least. But I have not seen my friends waver once against the hard, cold face of competition. They've stayed completely true to themselves and the bonds they have with their close friends.

One of my friends is one of the only people I spend more time with during the day than I do by myself. She and I are currently part of a philanthropic program dedicated to raising money for blood cancer research, and we think of each other as sisters.

She and I have shared tears, memories and laughs so close to me that I will never forget the impact she has left on my life. She has changed me as a person, and I think that's what it means to love. As one of my best friends, she teaches me every single day of my life what it means to be a strong, fearless woman.

I see a lot of my friends only once in a while, but it makes me think about the fact that no matter how little we get to see each other, we still have that same appreciation and respect for one another that started the friendship in the first place.

No matter how close I consider myself to each person I call a friend, they all think about me even when they don't need to. They give me little tokens and pep talks when I'm feeling down and make sure to focus on making me cheerful when I'm not myself. They carry themselves with so much emotional elegance, and I have never been more thankful to be a part of their lives.

Every single day that I see them, they teach me how to be a better person.

What makes me proudest of my friends is that they are not afraid to put me in my place. Everything they say to me is out of concern for my well-being, but they always make sure to tell me when I'm wrong. It's something I disliked at first (considering sugarcoating was just a way of hiding the truth when I didn't want to hear it) but came to enormously respect.

They teach me the meaning of love everyday by molding me into a combination of tough love and empathy.

The friend who fights by my side everyday against blood cancers gives me a hug at the first sign that I'm not happy, but she doesn't hesitate to stop me when I start blaming other details for my mistakes. The friends who love giving gifts every holiday season to show their love when we can't see each other are the same people who explain to me the rational reasoning of a situation when my emotions take over. The friends who I see only a few times a month also teach me that there is value to having distant friends who aren't always there.

It's so strange how much I've changed because of the people I've surrounded myself with because I always say I'll stay true to myself. But I'm a mix of their individual personalities, and I've never been happier.

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