Dearest Bed:

Well, four long, long months have come and gone, and it is time for me to get ready to go back to school. You and I both know that we have been waiting for this to come for weeks, as you have absorbed the tears I’ve cried late at night when all I longed for was a fat sandwich and my best friend's in my favorite place. But, you are and will always be one of the goodbyes that I hate having to say the most.

You know, I don’t know if its your comfort that I’ll miss the most, or the fact that you are so low to the ground that I am basically sleeping on a mattress on the floor. What I for sure am going to miss the most is your size. I never really appreciated how large you were until I got to school and realized that I couldn’t sprawl out in the middle of the twin XL bed like I could on you. You even have perks when I'm doing homework; on the days when I just want to complete my day’s tasks in my bedroom, I had the ability to put my books all over you and comfortably search for each item that I needed, a luxury that I no longer have at school.

I never really thought that you would be an object that holds so much significance to me, but as I’ve grown older and experienced smaller and less comfortable sleeping arrangements, I have come to realize that you are, indeed, the best thing that has ever happened to me and one of the reasons that I look forward to coming home each break.

Thank you for catching me when I’m sad and want to face plant into a pillow. Thank you for holding me as I toss and turn every night in an attempt to comfortably fall asleep. Thank you for being a cushion for my friends when they come over and want to sit on you. Thank you for holding my tears and being a place that I never want to leave when I’m sad. Thank you for being the place that I miss the most when I go back to school. You truly make saying “see you later” hard to do.

See you at Thanksgiving Break.