An Intro To Sustainable Fashion

An Intro To Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion: what it is, why it’s important, and how you can support it.


With more statistics and news pressing in from all sides about our planet's imminent doom, we search for ways to prevent this fate. We have all been taught the reduce, reuse, and recycle, and that fossil fuels are bad ... but little has been revealed on the environmental harm induced by the fashion industry. A buzzword has been "sustainable fashion," but what exactly does this refer to, and how or through what companies are we to achieve environmental stability?

Sustainable simply means something that is able to be sustained or upheld or carried through. So sustainable fashion refers to, according to the very trusted source Wikipedia, "a part of the growing design philosophy and movement towards environmental and social sustainability, the goal of which is to create a system which can be supported indefinitely in terms of human impact on the environment and social responsibility." It involves supporting brands that are ethical in their behavior towards their employees and the environment.

According to, the fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world (after the oil industry). Dyes and toxins run off from textile producers into water sources along with toxic cotton fertilizers. It takes up to 20,000 liters of water to produce just one kilogram of cotton. Two hundred tons of fresh water are needed to produce just one ton of fabric. Microfibers from washed materials like nylon are ingested by fish which then up the food chain eventually result in the fish we consume having plastic in them. Many clothes end up in landfills, as only 15% are donated.

So how do we alleviate these environmental burdens through choosing the clothes we wear? One way is to thrift shop. As a girl growing up with parents who shuddered anytime we passed a Goodwill, it took a while for me to get beyond the stereotype of used clothes being gross and unclean. Now I enjoy browsing through the odds and ends of thrift stores with my friends to find a super cute purse that's only $4, or a large Ohio State hoodie I can crop and wear to football games. On the flip side of this — donate your clothes! Either as hand-me-downs to younger siblings, cousins, or family friends, or organizations like the Salvation Army and the Big Brother Big Sister foundation. Goodwill has a history of exploiting disabled workers, so consider this before donating or purchasing items there).

Like the OSU hoodie mentioned previously, another way to support sustainability in fashion is to upcycle your old clothes. In one of my previous articles, I wrote about my experience with some DIY jeans. I took some old Aeropostale jeans and cut holes in them then rolled up the cuffs and voila! A new pair of jeans (that were kind of tight around the waist I must admit, but cute nonetheless). Cropping shirts seems to be in right now, so take your scissors to some old shirts. One of my friends took an old OSU hand-me-down shirt of mine and converted it into a tube top for game day. Get creative and you may surprise yourself, and it's much more satisfying to walk around with a "new" piece of clothing you produced than one that was $30.

Another way is to support brands that claim to be, and are verified to be, sustainable. What scares many people from these brands are their high prices, but not all are very expensive. Good trade has a list of affordable sustainable brands, one of them being Krochet Kids Intl. I bought a beanie from here years ago, and it's SUPER soft and a necessity when traversing the hellish landscape that is a college campus in midwinter. On the tag it includes a signature of the person who hand-knit your article of clothing, adding credibility and a personal touch.

So these are some methods of getting into sustainable fashion, and there are more to discover on the internet and social media every day. As long as nudity is socially unacceptable to society, fashion is an industry important to every person, and every person has an impact with the choices they make on the earth and the people on it.

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10 Outfits Every College Girl Wears To Class At Least Once

You can thank me later.

It's happened on more than one occasion.

The occasion of being called out more than once for dressing down for class and by "down" I mean some of the haters we hate to love claiming that they can't see the shorts we're wearing under the oversized band tee on our way to class.

Contrary to popular belief, yes I'm not oblivious to how my choice of outfits for class tends to shift on the more comfortable side and yes, I am aware that it looks like I'm not wearing pants, I like it that way.

Every girl in college wears what they feel is comfortable enough to wear in a 2-hour lecture and these are my ideas of comfort.

1. The infamous oversized tee with Nike shorts.

I'll say it right now, I have a variety of assorted Soffee and Nike shorts that I pair with almost every oversized tee I own and it's my go-to for those 8 AM math lectures.

2. Oversized tee with leggings and riding boots.

Once the first red, yellow and orange leaf is found on campus grounds, you know you're about to see a swarm of college girls, like me, sporting riding boots in every shade of brown. Jeans optional.

3. Oversized tee with leggings and rain boots.

Once the first rainfall hits campus, you better believe you'll see this same 'fit paired with Hunter boots in almost every color.

4. The "I'm going to the gym right after class, I SWEAR" look.

Whether or not I have plans to go to the gym after class or not, I'm probably in my gym gear 4 times of the week and I'm not ashamed by it.

5. Jeans.

I've always had a hate/hate relationship with wearing jeans when I absolutely do not have to and here's why: they make my derriere completely disappear. When (and if) you catch me wearing jeans in lecture hall it's probably because someone paid me a large sum of money to do so.

6. Your boyfriend's flannel paired with... you guessed it, your favorite pair of leggings.

This is probably one of the many flannels I've stolen from my boyfriend and certainly not the last one. Paired with another favorite standard black leggings, you can't go wrong with this outfit to snooze in.

7. The baseball hat and quarter zip ensemble.

One of my all times favorites, you can't go wrong with a zipper up 3x too big for your body and a baseball hat you honestly forgot where you got it from. We also can't forget our infamous black leggings.

8. Your "walk of shame" outfit.

Now, this doesn't mean you roll up to Intro to Psychology wearing what you wore to the lacrosse mixer the night before, no. This is more of the outfit you so quickly had to throw on in a span of two minutes because you left so and so's apartment downtown an hour too late.

9. A v-neck.

Another one of my favorites.

10. Dresses (or anything even relatively formal).

Disclaimer: I personally would never come to class wearing this but gigantic kudos to cute a** girls that do decide to wear this because you look good.

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'Sissy, Why is That Boy Wearing Makeup?'

June is time to celebrate equality.


This past weekend, I went to the mall with my family. It was just a normal family excursion, and I wanted to walk into Sephora to show my mom a perfume I liked. We go inside, and my mother and I drift away from my dad and 6 year old sister, Sierra. I showed her the perfume I thought smelled amazing (Roses de Chloé) and we look for my sister and father to exit the store. As soon as we leave, my little sister grabs my hand and asks, "Sissy, why is that boy wearing makeup?"

This was the first time my little sister has ever asked about anything like this, and I wanted to make sure I gave her an answer. I turned to her and said, "Sierra, sometimes there are boys who wear makeup, and girls who may dress like boys. People are allowed to wear what they want, it doesn't matter." Sierra looks up at me, says, "Oh okay," and that was the end of it.

Sharing this experience to say, HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!

So thankful to live in a country where all sexual orientations get a day to celebrate their love. That's what this world needs more of-- love. It shouldn't matter who it is, where they are from, the color on their skin, or their gender identity.

When Sierra was born, I always wondered when this conversation would come up. I wondered what I would say, how she would react to it, and how she would be exposed to it. Like I consistently preach, everything happens for a reason, and I'm glad Sierra was able to get exposure and receive an immediate answer. Love is love, and I will forever stand by that.

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