It’s been weeks

I have procrastinated long enough.

It’s painful.

It’s cruel.

But I must do.

The results are impeccable.

How can I not.

Beauty is pain right?

So I should just suck it up.

I mean its better than the alternative.

Sure it would be painless,

but I just can’t work with it.

Not anymore.

Not when this does more.

So I’ll just suck it up.

It won’t be that bad.

Gotta Soak.

Need a towel.

Need a wash.

Need some oil to take the wax off.

This takes to long.

Why does this hurt so much?

God! this sucks.

Not a lot is coming off?

Maybe if I tried it this way?

That way?

Okay I think I’m done.

No I’m not.

Lets put on a video on.

Maybe that will make this fun.

No it won't.

K, I’m over this.

Gotta finish.

I’ll look weird otherwise.

Jesus Christ!

Last one.

I’m finally done.

Wow! So baby smooth.

This is amazing.

Silky smooth.

Puts on some lotion.

Fluffy PJs!

Go to sleep.

*Waits two weeks*