An Array of Two Cultures
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Student Life

An Array of Two Cultures

Growing up Indian in America

An Array of Two Cultures
Meg Kakarla

I was born in India and moved to the states at the age of seven. Living in a new country where everything was drastically different can be mesmerizing. Though there were and still are a lot of culture clash between my parents and I can be tricky. Especially the things that you think are okay to do due to the environment we grow up in may not seem so appealing or entertaining to your parents. For the past nineteen years, I had the best of both worlds and I wouldn't have it any other way.

1) Best of Both worlds

There's nothing better than combining two cultures together. Each culture has its own perks and "disadvantages." Balancing two cultures can be mind boggling at times due to culture clash. For example certain clothes that I want to wear, my dad doesn't approve though in today's society there is nothing wrong with it. Some of the Indian traditions may seem really old fashioned, but those are the things that make up the beauty of that particular culture. There's nothing better than getting to experience two completely different worlds.

2) Roots

Sticking to your roots is really important. When we aren't living with our family it is very hard to forget values and traditions, but it's really crucial that we re-visit some of them because they do makeup who we are as a person. I still don't understand why my family does some traditions in the Indian culture; as in some don't really make sense to me. But asking questions, celebrating festivals with family, wearing traditional clothing, eating Indian food around your friends, and teaching them about it, so that you don't lose yourself, but you're educating others around you about the beauty of it.

3. Pre-conceived notions

Many people have this pre-conceived notion that all people that are Indian either want to be doctors, engineers, want to pursue a career in the IT department, or they believe that their parents are pushing them into a particular career path. No not all of us want to end up in the medical field; I know so many people who want to pursue a career in business, some who don't know what they want to do yet, and some want to be teachers. Yes, it is true that some parents do push their kids to be a doctor or an engineer, but not everyone's. For example; my dad always tells me "I don't care what you end up being as long as you're dedicated, are trying, and giving it your fullest effort. That's all that matters."

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