Why Amy Schumer Is Awesome
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Why Amy Schumer Is Awesome

Meet your new favorite celebrity.

Why Amy Schumer Is Awesome
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“My comedy is unapologetic and fearless,” says Amy Schumer, a rising star in the comedy world. If you haven't heard of her show "Inside Amy Schumer," then you’ve probably seen commercials and trailers for her movie that released this summer, "Trainwreck."

What’s fascinating about Amy Schumer is that she’s more than a comedian—she’s a feminist.

Schumer’s comedy is very distinct; she can seamlessly combine political and observational satire with topics related to sex and promiscuity. Her boldness in addressing certain issues like feminism, race, and sexual abuse make her stand out, and the one constant she has is her witty, sharp sense of humor that finds ways to connect with a wide audience.

"Inside Amy Schumer" showcases her straightforward perspective and merciless reflections on modern society. Not only is it hilarious, it’s identifiable for almost any young person in America.

"Trainwreck," Schumer’s first ever movie, proved to be as impressive as expected. While it was clever and hilarious, it was also surprisingly heartfelt. Instead of a typical rom com, in which the male lead has commitment issues or won’t give up the bachelor lifestyle, Schumer asserts that women, too, can be restricted. She portrays the modern woman, one who may value physical attraction over emotional dependence. "Trainwreck" is more than just a typical girl-meets-boy movie—instead, “it’s a love letter to [Amy’s] little sister.”

The movie revolves around Schumer’s struggle with maintaining relationships, whether they be with her sister, father, or romantic interests. Arguably, at the end of the movie, the strongest bond she has is with her younger sister. Schumer has managed to turn rom com tropes upside-down and create a beautiful movie about navigating relationships with loved ones, even if it means reconciling different lifestyle choices.

Amy Schumer has proven herself to be more than just a comedian. On multiple occasions and through many of her skits, she has spoken out about the unfair treatment of women. For example, her skit “Football Town Nights,” which aired on "Inside Amy Schumer," takes aim at the rape culture that is perpetuated throughout modern society. The skit portrays a high school football coach who forbids his players from raping; the players and the townspeople castigate the coach, but he stands firmly on his rule. The punchline in the skit is when the coach makes a speech cheering on male entitlements and aggression, a thin veil for rape.

Schumer has plenty of skits, like “The Last F*ckable Day,” in which she cleverly criticizes the gender bias against women in television. Schumer’s unabashed reflections on rape culture and the patriarchy are refreshing. It is incredibly hard to put such serious issues in a humorous light, but Schumer uses sarcasm and wit to engage her audience.

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Using that same sense of humor, Schumer delivered a brutally honest, heartbreaking speech last year in which she revealed a few of her experiences as woman in the public eye. The majority of the speech focused on a crass sexual encounter Schumer had as a college freshman, one that left her feeling desolate. She went on to talk about how she regained her confidence, and how she faces the struggles of being a woman.

“I am a woman with thoughts and questions and sh*t to say. I say if I'm beautiful. I say if I'm strong. You will not determine my story—I will,” said Schumer while addressing body image and self-worth. That’s right, Amy Schumer, you tell them who’s boss.

Schumer’s uniqueness lies in her ability to be relatable. Just like everyone, she makes mistakes; what sets her apart from other comedians is that she takes responsibility for them. In the midst of her rise as a star, Schumer was accused of writing racist jokes in her earlier skits and stand-up shows. Admittedly, some of her earlier jokes could easily be construed as racist. However, Schumer’s response to these accusations was praise-worthy. After getting initial backlash to her racist jokes from past stand-up shows, Schumer tweeted this:

In defending her jokes, Schumer wrote that she “will joke about things you aren’t comfortable with... that includes making dumb jokes involving race.” From this tweet, Schumer doesn’t seem to accept any wrongdoing on her part, and instead maintains her rights to joke about any topic.

Later, when Schumer faced criticism again for making racist jokes in the past, she posted this:

This time, Schumer fully accepted responsibility for her actions, and admitted she was “evolving as any artist.” It’s easy for comedians to become defensive about their jokes, but it’s uncommon for them to apologize about it.

On July 23, there was a movie theater shooting in Lafayette, Louisiana at a screening of Trainwreck. Unfortunately, two people were killed and nine others were wounded. Schumer was devastated by this news and promised she would take action:

So far, Schumer has made good on her promise. She’s teamed up with her second cousin, Chuck Schumer, the Senator from New York, and proposed legislation that would make it more difficult for violent offenders to purchase firearms legally by securing more extensive background checks by the government.

Basically, Amy Schumer is a hilarious comedian who’s unafraid to approach any topic with some sarcasm and wit. More than that though, she’s a feminist and a celebrity who uses her influence to enact change.

You keep doing you Amy Schumer, we love you for it.

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