America's Got Talent: The New Ticket to the American Dream
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America's Got Talent: The New Ticket to the American Dream

This generation's Ed Sullivan Show.

America's Got Talent: The New Ticket to the American Dream

Some have called the great country of the Unite States of America the "land of opportunity." That statement today couldn’t be any more true considering how with the technology we have today, people are able to showcase their talents through the Internet in hopes of achieving this "American dream." Look at how many people on popular websites like YouTube, Vine, Soundcloud, and even Instagram have found some sort of fame and fortune for the content they create or even the photos they take. Look at for example the popular Doug the Pug social media accounts, where the videos and photos that are created make millions laugh and then make those same people realize, why didn’t they think of that?

The Internet is taking over the world, especially when it comes to catching an audience’s attention. However, there is one show on television that has been airing for years and has shown no signs of losing any of its spark, that being America’s Got Talent. Shows like American Idol eventually come to an end not because of the talent they are showcasing, but because of it being the same thing every episode--to which the audience eventually gets bored of seeing. With America’s Got Talent, you don’t know what you’re going to see each episode. The only thing that is guaranteed is that some bad, good, and amazing talents are going to be shown to the audience. Some will make your jaw drop and some will make you beg for a commercial break, which that in and of itself is amazing to say even in today’s age.

What makes the show special itself is its ability to create stars in all kinds of entertainment: from music, to dance, to comedy, and even magic. What makes it special is instead of people relying on how many views they get in order to try to start a career, they are now relying on the “old school” method of having to win America’s heart via television.

Many of the talents on the show have found success after their auditions for America’s Got Talent--for example, comedian Drew Lynch, who came in second in last season's voting. He is someone who has taken a stutter that he suffers from due to a softball accident, and turned it into a positive enhancement within his comedy acts. These same comedy acts that won over America’s heart, to the point where he is still performing in front of large crowds today with hopes of eventually becoming an actor.

What makes this show so special is that even if you lose, you still have the ability to become America’s next underdog story. The show is almost today what the Ed Sullivan show was back in the day; the message that audiences received from that show was that if someone performs on the show, they are the next big thing. Bands like The Doors, The Beatles, and Elvis Presley found much more success after they performed on the show, to which now America’s Got Talent is doing the same for the people of this generation. It has given people the chance to live the American Dream. It might be a little more difficult now though, especially with Simon Cowell replacing Howard Stern as judge.

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