America’s Got 99 Problems But Trump Won't Be One
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America’s Got 99 Problems But Trump Won't Be One

From "The Apprentice" to the President

America’s Got 99 Problems But Trump Won't Be One

For some Americans, the thought of Trump becoming president is laughable or scary. There are people who feel that he an unserious president in a very serious time, and that a celebrity could never make a good president. On the other side of the spectrum, there are a lot of people who believe Trump is exactly what America needs. There is a reason why he’s rocking the polls and gaining supporters everywhere he goes. Trump is immensely successful in everything else he’s done, why wouldn’t he make a decent president? His ideas are a lot more proactive than previous candidates', and with the daunting threats the nation faces (ISIS, 18 trillion dollars of national debt, crime, illegal immigration, etc.), America more than ever needs a strong, decisive leader who isn’t afraid to tell things like they are without worrying about being “politically correct.” America has many strong candidates to choose from if Trump isn’t your cup of tea, but here are 10 reasons why Trump has my vote:

1. He’s a Jack-of-all-trades.

Trump has experience in the business, entertainment, and political worlds. You name it and he can and will do it, which is why he’s running for president. He has the guts, knowledge, and experience to make America great again.

2. He doesn’t need donations to support his campaign.

Trump has a net worth over $4 billion dollars. While other candidates are begging for donations, Trump is writing checks without a second thought.

3. He doesn’t beat around the bush.

Whether tweeting on Twitter or being interviewed, Trump is clear and concise. He speaks plainly, stating what his goals are and how he will achieve them. In politics, a trait like this is certainly quite refreshing.

4. He’s brutally honest and doesn’t care what others think.

If Trump says you’re “stupid,” you probably are. He also doesn’t let others influence him. He knows what needs to be done and what America needs, regardless of what other politicians say.

5. He wants to bring jobs back to America.

We’ve been waiting for this to happen for decades. Trump wants to take our jobs back from China and Mexico and bring them to the USA, creating more jobs and boosting the economy.

6. He has a drive for perfection.

He wants to make America the powerful country it once was, economically, politically, and socially. He also won’t settle for “good enough” when America can become great.

7. He embodies the frustrations of the middle class.

In Obama’s policies, the white middle class got the short end of the stick and taxed more. We voted for someone to represent us, but he never actually did. Trump wants a better life for everyone, but without the handouts to the poor and without letting illegal immigration slide by. Work hard, play hard.

8. He is a symbol of American greatness.

Think of Kennedy or Reagan inspiring the world with hope and leadership, even through tough times. Now picture the average news headline today. What do you think of? War? Poverty? Trump wants to give everyone a chance at the American Dream, whatever that may mean to them.

9. Trump will fight to end illegal immigration.

Illegal immigration is a big issue that the government has swept under the rug in the past. Immigration is healthy for our country if done so legally. Trump plans to build a wall that will end this problem. Many other countries have similar methods to prevent illegals from entering; why doesn’t America?

10. Trump Loves America.

Trump has all the money he could ever want. He isn’t running for President to make more money. Instead, he has goals and ideas and wants to put them into action. Like any American, Trump is tired of seeing this once great nation slide downhill. He’s created a prosperous life in America for himself and his family and wants to give all citizens the opportunity to do the same.

You can agree or disagree with me; everyone is entitled to an opinion and this is mine. I was born in what used to be the greatest country, and I have worked hard all my life. I shouldn’t be taxed for things I don’t even know I’m paying for. I shouldn’t have to send in a kidney to pay for school tuition, and I shouldn’t have to struggle to find a job due to overwhelming illegal immigration and a lack of jobs in America. My version of the American Dream is to have a career that I enjoy, be relatively financially stable, and be able to enjoy life. Trump isn’t going to “save” America, but I do believe he can start it on the path of recovery. I support his policies, goals, and ideas and believe he will ultimately do what he says. America needs change and a leader who will represent all people equally, which is why Trump has my vote in 2016.

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