American Horror Story: Connected

Have you ever wondered how all of the seasons of American Horror Story are connected? Clearly they are not in a chronological season by season order... But creator Ryan Murphy says there is a connection between all the seasons. The thing about Ryan Murphy is, he likes the art of mystery, which means he will not flat out say what the connections are. Thit is my attempt at unravelling the mystery. Major SPOILERS ahead!

1. Madison Montgomery & Dr. Charles Montgomery

The original owner of season one's "Murder House" was Dr. Charles Montgomery. He was a doctor for celebrities and he was very vain much like Madison Montgomery, who actually was a self-loving celebrity in Season Three, "Coven". They are also both from Los Angeles. Although Murphy never actually states it, it seems like a plausible idea that Madison Montgomery is a direct descendant of the infamous doctor.

2. Pepper x Two

Pepper is the first character we see in American Horror Story appear in two different seasons and she even had a connecting story line. Pepper first appears in season two of American Horror Story as the "freak show attraction" that killed her sister's baby. Season two, properly titled "Asylum," comes before the fourth season, which is where we see Pepper appear next. In "American Horror Story: Freak Show" (the fourth season) Pepper is in the, you guessed it, freak show and she is framed by her sister for killing her baby.

3. Elsa Mars and Dr.Hans Gruper aka Dr. Arden

In "AHS: Freak Show" we have the mysterious freak show manager, Elsa Mars, who flashes back to the days she came into contact with a menace who sawed off her legs.This menace was named Dr. Hans Gruper, who we found in "Asylum" was the original name of Dr. Arden. If you paid attention in "Asylum", you would notice a trend Dr. Arden has and that is his sick obsession with experimenting on humans.

4. Sister Mary Eunice

Before she was possessed by Satan, Sister Mary Eunice was actually quite sweet and innocent. She was very dedicated to Briarcliff, which was the name of the asylum in "Asylum," and she was the woman who came to pick Pepper up in "Freak Show."

5. Murder House in Season Five

If you have been watching the last few episodes of the current season of AHS which is "Hotel", you would have noticed that The Countess (played by Lady Gaga) paid Dr. Montgomery a visit for an abortion in the infamous "Murder House." This does not come as a shock since both seasons are themed in Los Angeles and The Countess is immortal, meaning she was alive at the same time as the "Murder House" doctor.

6. The Realtor

The same woman who sold the Harmon's their home in "AHS: Murder House" is in "AHS:Hotel" which is not shocking since both seasons take place in modern day Los Angeles. The funny thing is, most people did not catch the reference she made to Season One ("Murder House") and that is when she said, "I had to put my dog down. He came to me through very unfortunate circumstances." also known as, he witnessed his entire family (The Harmons from Season One) be murdered.

American Horror Story's Mystery:

Ryan Murphy did a splendid job creating "American Horror Story." This show evokes a lure of suspense for its viewers. Many people have already noticed the things I have listed above and many people have not. Next time you watch AHS, pay attention and put together the pieces, think about what I have told you and maybe you will catch something I did not.

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