American Fascism
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American Fascism

Despite not having a single major US politician claim it, it might very well be that Fascism has already won the struggle for the Soul of the West.

American Fascism

NOTE: The following is not an endorsement of any political ideology but rather an analysis of the political climate and a prediction of how I see things progressing.

While browsing the internet this week I came across the curious case of Augustus Sol Invictus; a lawyer and candidate for Marco Rubio's Senate Seat. Invictus himself is a Libertarian, a pagan who has participated in rituals, and has even claimed Fascism as a belief of his. This particular story has helped me to articulate this post you are reading today because it seems apparent to me and many others that there is a looming crisis agitating in American politics; a crisis the likes of which has not been seen since Post World War I Europe. Invictus' Senate Campaign demonstrates that, like the fading stigma of Socialism in the American political landscape, Fascism is also starting to see traction in America again. This Fascist movement is still very nascent and is finding its footing in the Alt Right; a catch-all term that has been given to non-traditional, non-establishment Right Wing political movements here in the US and across the entirety of the West. Whether it be the National Front of France, Viktor Orban and the entirety of the Visegrad Group in Central Europe, Nigel Farage of the UK's UKIP or Augustus Invictus, one thing is clear and that is that the political pendulum is swinging harder and faster to the Right than at any point in Western history since the early 20th century. What has caused this swing? Why is it seemingly happening again? Well to put it simply, it is a pendulum swing. Over the past 50-60 years, the West has moved away from a traditionalistic society to a more liberal and Post-Modernistic society. In terms of economics, we have moved from being focused on workers protection, empowering unions, investing in society, and fighting for competitive labor to free trade, cheap foreign labor and a consumeristic public. The saying I have heard before from people that has stuck with me the most is that they are "socially liberal and fiscally conservative". To these people, they want less government in every aspect of life but this is seen by many in the Alt Right as a harmful ideology. "Socially liberal, fiscally conservative" to the Alt Right is seen as "we will import cheap labor/move overseas to replace you and call you a racist when you object." The Alt Right is a reactionary movement that has been growing in popularity due to the continuing slack of progress in Western economies and an alleged collapse of social order, e.g. rising racial tensions, new civil rights movements for the LGBT community & Third Wave Feminism. In the eyes of the Alt Right all the wrong things are happening at the same time, creating a perfect storm that signals the doom of Western Civilization, like Rome or Greece before it.

The storm is brewing in American politics. The division that arises between the Left and Right is ultimately caused by identity politics and social debate. Liberal's advocate for a more open and egalitarian society whereas those on the Right advocate for a maintenance of traditional social orders and an overall value for tribalism. Both of these arguments are objectively fine to make however the issue that is created is that both sides inevitably go to extremes or rather they are hijacked by their radical ends. The Left is prone to being the home of the initial radicals due to the nature of seeking change that is inherent in Left Wing politics. Like a plague, Marxism invades the narrative of the Left Wing, hijacking it for its own purposes and inevitably seizing power in some of the most historically horrific ways possibly. Marxists hijacked 20th-century European labor movements which ultimately culminated in revolutions in Germany, Russia, Spain and several other nations. Marxists hijacked anti-imperialistic movements in Central America & Asia, resulting in some of the worst tyrannical governments to have ever existed. Today the parasite of Marxism finds its newest host in the "Progressive" movement of the West. The aim of Marxists is a complete overthrow of all preexisting social structures which are viewed as oppressive to any part of the Proletariat; whether that be women, people of color, or refugees just to name a few or perhaps the entirety of the Proletariat itself. They seek a classless, structure less society where all are equal and all do for the common good. These ideals sound amazing and wondrous however anytime Marxism has ever been tried by any nation, the nation will either inevitably sacrifice communistic elements of society in the name of stability, e.g. China, or it will simply collapse after rampant corruption, e.g. The USSR. But how can corruption take place in a classless society where all are equal; whether they be the trash man or the Party Commissar? Because despite the whined protests of Marxists and all Egalitarians as a whole, meritocracies will always take place, nature selection is prevalent in all areas of life, some men will always surpass their peers, even when they aren't supposed to. It's simply our nature.

Now comes the contrast to the Marxists and to the Left in general. As I stated earlier, the Alt Right is a reactionary movement that was born to oppose the encroachment of Marxism and radical Leftist political theory on the West. They see the Collapse that Marxist seek not as a liberation but rather the death of the modern Rome, the failing of the walls and the invasion of the barbarians. The Fascists are to the Right what the Marxists are to the Left, the radicals who use demagoguery and fear to enthrall whole populations with their message and march them head first into the oblivion. The nature of the Left and the Right is ultimately meant to be balanced between the two; the Left pushing society forward into the future and the Right checking that progress to ensure that that push isn’t one that takes Civilization over a cliff. However as we can see historically, radicals & fanatics almost always tend to be the ones who seize authority within their respective movements and create calamity. The nature of the radical Left is destructive. Their change can only be built upon the smoldering ruins of the previous society whereas the nature of the radical Right is regressive. They would reject modern notions of sociology, economics, and politics, etc.; instead opting for the tried and true ways of the past. The Fascists see how society had functioned for millennia and then compare it to the modern, democratic world that has only existed for a little under 300 years. They attribute the problems in societies to the departure that we have taken away from our traditions then liken our alleged degeneracy to that of Rome in the final days of that empire. They see the Culture War as a legitimate war and they see the Marxists as their main enemy in that war. The irony here is that the Marxists and the Fascists have opposing goals. The Marxists want to see a societal collapse for the sake of their new utopia whereas Fascists want a return to tradition for the sake of maintaining society but in practice, the collapse that Marxists seek after would ultimately play into the wishes of Fascism.

Fascism is the death rattle of a civilization and a societal collapse is the ultimate nuclear option for their movement. It is why even if Marxists are successful in their revolution, they will ultimately fail to create their utopia because it is simply not compatible with human nature itself. Fascists base their ideals on Tribalism and baser instincts of human nature; the same sort of instincts we would return to in the event of a collapse.

Perhaps it is simply the nature of civilization to rise and fall, to be born and to die much like the men who form them. The advancements of our society is that has allowed us to overcome our own animalistic instincts and be greater than what we were. In societies where the hierarchy of needs is satisfied, we become capable of thinking in abstract and higher order ways. We can put aside notions of racism, sexism, and even potentially even nationalism but this too is an act of balance. In the West, technology improves at an astounding rate but that same exponential growth does not translate into an exponential growth of human intellect itself. We are still bound by our nature in many ways and to act as though we are not will ultimately result in failure; however the opposite is true. To act as if we are still bound entirely by instinct and that our intelligence does not grant us the ability to be better than what we were is defeatist and ultimately makes meaningless any advancements we as a species have ever made throughout history.

If our civilization is just like any other system in nature, insofar as it is ultimately doomed to head towards entropy and collapse, then so be it but as I am a member of this civilization and a citizen of the United States then it is my responsible to do everything in my power to ensure the survival of my nation and of my civilization. This is a responsibility shared by all members of this nation and all members of the greater Western Civilization; we must be the vigilant vanguards against all those who would destroy what we & our ancestors have worked so tirelessly to build. Whether that enemy is foreign foes or radicals here at home is ultimately irrelevant.

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