10 Reasons Amazon Should Pick Pittsburgh As Its Second Home
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10 Reasons Amazon Should Pick Pittsburgh As Its Second Home

The tech giant, Amazon, is looking for a city for their second headquarters. Pittsburgh is on the list of potential destinations.

10 Reasons Amazon Should Pick Pittsburgh As Its Second Home
JC McGreehan

The tech giant, Amazon, is looking for a city for their second headquarters. Pittsburgh is on the list of potential destinations. I also read an article which cited that Pittsburgh is one of the 8 cities being considered. This is awesome news and let me you why my city fits hand in glove as Amazon's second home.

Currently, I am the President of Pittsburgh Student Government Council. Its purpose is to discuss important issues college students face. At our first meeting for the year, we invited Allegheny County Executive, Rich Fitzgerald. He talked about Pittsburgh affairs, civic engagement, and Amazon. He encouraged us to drum up support and create awareness for the Amazon campaign by creating noise and sharing our love of the city on social media.

There are a plethora of reasons why Amazon should pick Pittsburgh. Our beautiful city is unique and culturally diverse. It has friendly people, elite schools, loyal sports fans, talented geeks and innovators. This is why more millennials are relocating here. In fact, Niche compiled data from the US Census, FBI, BLS, and CDC ranked Pittsburgh as the #59 best city to live in America.

I can state a thousand and one reasons but will stick to the major points:

1. Pittsburgh's location is strategic!

The city's geographical location at the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers which joins together to form the Ohio River in southeastern Pennsylvania. In the bygone days, it has been called as the "Gateway to the West" and still remains to this day. Did you know that the city is within 500 miles of more than half of the U.S. population?

2. Furthermore, Pittsburgh International Airport, which is just 20 miles west of downtown, can cater to the air travel needs of Amazon.

The airport has four concourses. This can be expanded to handle additional flights ensuring the headquarters accessibility to Seattle, WA and other regions critical to Amazon's operations. More importantly, our air traffic is not heavily congested compared to the rest of the airports on the eastern seaboard. It can readily handle air travel demands, on time delivery and transport deadlines crucial to Amazon products.

3. Pittsburgh is included on several lists of the nation's most livable cities.

This means that Amazon employees can take advantage of so many perks such as great neighborhoods, availability of shops and services, safe place with low crime rate, good school districts, etc. The cost of living is a lot more economical compared to that of New York, Boston, Philadelphia and some other major cities in the Eastern U.S.

4. We have an abundance of Prestigious Universities.

These include: Carnegie Mellon, University of Pittsburgh, Duquesne University, Carlow University, Robert Morris University, and more which are listed as the best higher education institutions in Pennsylvania and the world. From techies to nurses, you can find competent graduates from these colleges. This means that Amazon will always have a readily available pool of talent to become a part of the manpower needed to run a giant corporation.

5. Exciting Energy abounds not just in the people but also in the activities of daily life here.

You can feel it in the air which is now clean and not heavily polluted. Pittsburgh will always bounce back and is undergoing a renaissance, which is a testament to the never say die attitude of the Pittsburghers and the city we love. Our hometown hustles and bustles with heart! There are a multitude of activities you can do with your friends, family, and/or significant other. We have Kennywood, Hard Rock Cafe, Andy Warhol Museum, Phipps Conservatory, and more. Not only that, but we also have great sports teams like the Steelers and Penguins! We are the City of Champions!

6. We have world class hospitals!

To justify my claim, UPMC Presbyterian Shadyside was ranked as the 14th best American hospital by US News & World Report. Also, Pittsburgh is a hub for medical innovations and technology. One example is the research Dr. Andrew Schwartz and Dr. Michael Boninger conducted. Working with a paralyzed woman, they were able to use a brain-computer interface to move a robotic arm with her mind. It is the pinnacle of many breakthroughs doctors and researchers are making.

Paralyzed woman can now lift objects with her mind-controlled robotic arm

7. With government officials like Mayor Bill Peduto and County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, rest assured that they are willing to sit down and fine tune a package that will make Pittsburgh the home to Amazon's second headquarters.

Our officials will work with Amazon executives to come up with a lucrative deal beneficial to both your corporation and our city.

8. Instead of hanging on to the past, Pittsburgh is embracing cutting edge technology and the future. We are home to several promising tech startup companies. Google and Uber saw potential and are experiencing great success. As a matter of fact, Phoenix and Pittsburgh are the only two cities Uber is testing their self-driving cars in.

9. Pittsburgh is a paradise for foodies.

Primanti Bros. Restaurant and Bar is famous for its signature sandwich filled with coleslaw, tomato, and fries. We also have great restaurants like the Pittsburgh Popcorn Company, Original Hot Dog Shop, DeLuca's Dinner, and more. Whether you grew up or just moved here, everyone can agree that Pittsburgh is a paradise for foodies.

10. We have amazing young adults and student leaders that make up the Pittsburgh population.

We are willing to help and do what it takes in order to make our city the home to Amazon's second headquarters.

Andrew Carnegie once said, "Pittsburgh entered the core of my heart and cannot be torn out." His quote exemplifies the Pittsburgh spirit. We all have this innate desire born out of love for this city. We want to make it the eternal city of champions and hopefully the second home of Amazon.

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