You might ask yourself, "Who are those women in the picture?"

Well, the answer to that would be, incredibly successful stock photo models!! And I'm sure they're doing great things in their lives, but we're not here to talk about those women (at least not today).

Women are CHANGING the world, and honestly, I'm so impressed by these ladies that I thought they deserved a shout out.

Julissa Arce is a 10/10 woman. She immigrated to the United States when she was 11, and started a career on Wall Street while undocumented. She broke headlines because people couldn't believe how much she had achieved while being undocumented. After being in the United States for 15 years, she became a citizen and now shares her story on college campuses and summits. She co-created a scholarship fund for immigrant students and is a social justice enthusiast as well as a political commentator. Did I mention she made the top 25 of most influential women in People en Español's?

This is Fawzia Koofi!! She is from Afghanistan and is currently the Vice President of the National Assembly! When she was a child, she had to beg her parents to send her to school. After completing her masters, she worked with some amazing organizations such as UNICEF and started working with women, emphasizing how important it is for women to get an education. Her political career has mainly focused on the treatment of women and children, but she has made significant strides to get people in remote villages the healthcare they need. The Geneva Human Rights Committee IPU, the Inter-Parliamentary Union handpicked HER to be the head of its branch of International Human Rights!!!

Jacqueline Novogratz is amazing!! She worked on Wall Street, and then decided to leave her job and has made it her mission to try and eradicate poverty. She created a company called Acumen, which works with people to try and become entrepreneurs, and by doing this she was helped create over 60,000 jobs and has drastically improved the health of over 200 million people. These people have gotten clean water, sanitation has improved and access to affordable to education has become a lot better.

I have actually worked with this woman personally, and I can tell you she is truly making an impact!! Dr. Siliva Martinez has helped create an organization that helps children and brings health care to people who need it. She helped start a school in El Cacique with a feeding program for children who either don't get fed at home or don't get fed a lot at home. She helped start a clinic and a hospital in the Dominican Republic and goes to the bateyes to bring free health care and medicine to people in need.

Jen Richards is a trans woman who is an advocate for other trans people and helps support them to be themselves. She wrote a book about her experiences and was nominated for an Emmy. She created a website called "We Happy Trans" where people are encouraged to share their stories and experiences in a judgment-free zone. She is currently an actress, which is pretty groundbreaking because there are not a lot of transactors in the media. It's super clear that she dedicates her life to inspire other trans people and help them to celebrate who they are.