I am birthed

from an enslaved people

A royal people

of darker tones

of deep gold

I come from a cruel people

of pale hues

that ravaged me

and abused

my blood burns and aches

with clashing it shakes

me, to my bones

of people buried,

of faces forgotten

while it slipped through our memory

for peace of mind and better sleep

they learned to live in me

these ghosts, they swallow me

they teach me, they hurt me

they love me

I am theirs while they rumble inside my memories

while they shake my bones through history

I am birthed from several lands

I am raised by villages

I am taught by parents

whose worlds would never meet,

if these ghosts inside me were at peace

I am proof of the living

and a reminder of the dead

a descendant

of a people who refused to die

they speak to me

in foreign dialects

with foreign hands and foreign hearts

I'll never get to really know

they cry with me

because they are not with me,


they wish it and want it

the humanity more human than they have ever seen

in family as bundled as me

I am birthed

by people who love

by people who hate

by people who thought

that that was the right way

whose worlds would never meet

face to face

until, they met me

I am birthed and I am breed

by people still learning to learn

these foreign hands and foreign hearts

whose eyes

more human than human ever seemed

as several lands

learned to love me.

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