Why You Should Always Attend Every Wedding You're Invited To

10 Reasons You Should Say ‘I Do’ On Your RSVP To A Wedding

Wedding season is the best season.


While I've only been to three weddings, one of which I was in, and a fourth one coming up this spring, I've had an absolute blast at each one of them. Seriously, what's not to love about attending a wedding? As I've gotten older, I've definitely begun to understand that there's so much more to a wedding than just having a nice meal and dancing the night away with friends and family. You're celebrating a couple's journey and the beginning of their lives together as newlyweds. If you're in a relationship, going to weddings definitely makes you think about your own future and it's also a great way to get ideas about what you want your wedding to be like someday.

Here are 10 reasons you should say 'I do' on your RSVP to a wedding.

1. It’s a privilege to be invited to share this special time for two people.

There's usually a limit as to how many people can be invited to the wedding and you're lucky enough to be one of them, so you should definitely show your gratitude and attend. Plus, seeing the bride and groom say, "I do" at the wedding ceremony is something extremely special and emotional, and is an honor to be able to be a part of.

2. The bride and groom have spent countless hours planning everything to be absolutely perfect on their special day.

So why wouldn't want you to be a part of it?

3. You get to see friends and family you might not have seen in a while.

Weddings are a great opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones and share this special experience. It's a special time to get to see family or friends you might not have seen in years.

4. You’re guaranteed to be fed.

At all of the weddings I've been to, there is always a variety of delicious foods and tons of it. There are countless appetizers, main courses, desserts, you name it.

5. You get to show off all your dance moves you’ve been hanging on to.

If you're attending a wedding, there's bound to be a dance floor and some type of DJ at the reception. Once people have gotten a chance to mingle and take pictures, one of my favorite parts about the wedding reception is getting to take off your heels, dance the night away and be a total goofball.

6. If you’re 21, you finally get to fully indulge in cocktail hour.

Say goodbye to the non-alcoholic Shirley Temple and hello to the glass of classy wine.

7. You get to get all dressed up in fancy clothes and look your best.

Wedding= shopping spree am I right?

8. There are always crazy stories.

Whether you caught the bouquet and were the next person to actually get married or you met your future husband or wife at a wedding or even were dancing so hard you fell on your face, there are always great stories to bring back from weddings.

9. You get to meet people.

Whether you're at a family wedding or a friend's wedding, you're bound to be introduced to tons of people you've never met. Maybe you'll finally get to meet the groom's family or make a new friend or meet someone who will become more than a friend in the future.

10. You can get ideas for your future wedding.

It's almost impossible to attend a wedding and not find yourself thinking about your own future and where it lies. You might find yourself wondering what season you would have your wedding in, what type of food you would serve, who your bridesmaids and maid of honor would be, etc.

I'm so excited to attend my cousin's wedding this coming spring. These 10 things are definitely on my list of what I'm looking forward to.

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A Letter To My Future Husband

I already have so much to say to you

Dear Future Hubby,

I wanted to start off by saying I am surprised and thrilled that I actually will eventually find someone to put up with me. I know I am not perfect but I just wanted to thank you ahead of time for loving me unconditionally.

Ever since I was a little girl and I started to plan my dream wedding with just about every teen heartthrob out there, I have always dreamt of what my husband would be like. Would he be funny? How will my family like him? What does he hope to do with his life? I have always had so many questions and even today, at the age of 19, I am so curious about you.

I hope you’re out there pursuing your dreams and becoming a better person every day. It is such an abstract feeling and thought that I might not have even met you yet, or maybe I have. Maybe you were some kid in my class in high school, or maybe I met you in college and didn’t think anything of it. Whenever/however I meet you, though, I will be glad I did.

There are a couple of things I want to share with you that I am so excited for. I am excited to start our relationship and see where it takes us. There are so many things that can change over the course of the years we are together and I am beyond excited to see what is in store for our journey.

I am excited to mesh our lives into one. Before we meet, we will have two completely separate lives, and I am so excited to join our families, hopes and dreams. I am excited for you to become a part of my big, crazy family, and I am excited to become a part of yours. I will support you no matter what your dreams are, and I hope you achieve all the goals you have set for yourself, as I am sure you will feel the same about mine.

I am excited to start my life with you and start a family. I’ve always known that I’ve wanted kids – and lots of them. I can’t wait to have little people who are a half me and a half you. I know they will be some good looking kids with awesome heads on their shoulders. You are going to be an amazing father.

I am excited to travel the world with you. There is nothing I want more than to travel the world with the man I love. There is so much out there to experience and do, and doing it with your best friend seems like the best way to enjoy it.

I am excited to be able to come home to you after a long day at work and watch a movie and enjoy a glass of wine. There is nothing more relaxing than that. I look forward to all the special, spontaneous date nights we will have doing all of our favorite things and trying new ones along the way. I am excited for the little things in our life.

I know that our relationship won’t be perfect because no relationship is easy, but I know that we will fight to make it the best relationship we can. Marriage is tough but if we really want it to work, there is not stopping us.

Lastly, I want to say a preemptive thank you for everything you will do for me. Thank you for the future laughs, hugs, kisses, dinners, dates, kids, houses, experiences and unconditional love you will give me. I am so happy that God has a plan for me, and I am so glad He included you.

Love always,

Your Future Wife

Cover Image Credit: Olivia Strohm Photography

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To The Best Friend Getting Married Soon, I’m Glad You Found Your Soulmate

I’m so glad you found the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with.


I can't put into words how happy I am for you. You deserve this. You deserve a man who respects you and makes sure you're happy and that's exactly what he does. You deserve a man who makes time out of his day to handle your small problems like getting your keys out of your car when you locked them in there. You found the man you deserve.

As your best friend, I want the best for you and I do believe you've found the best. You both have a great sense of humor. I honestly believe the two of you are soulmates. You two are a beautiful couple.

As your wedding day is coming soon, I want you to know that I can't wait for that day. I can't wait to see the two of you become one. I can't wait to see what life holds for you. The future you two will have. I am truly excited for this day.

You deserve the man you have and I'm so glad you found him. He brings out the best in you. He makes you smile and not just any smile like I can see your happiness through it. He's silly, makes you laugh, and even comments on the post you tag him in which is rare for guys to do.

As your best friend, I want you to have the perfect soulmate and you got him. While it's so easy to find flaws in someone, I can't find any in him. I want you to know that you deserve the world and I'm so thankful he gives you just that.

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