Always Fight Until The End

Always Fight Until The End

If there is something that i remember from my freshman year is to never give up on myself


This year has been a wonderful year and i am grateful for all the accomplishments that i overcame. As a first year student in college, i was very scared at first but then i gained more confidence in myself and my work ethic. Last semester went by very quickly and i was very proud of my hard work. As i promised, i finished stronger than i started and i am proud of myself for that. I managed my time and stayed focus; i finished with 3.8 GPA this semester. I worked harder than i did the first semester. I am content because i made my mother proud. She was very happy when she found out about my grades. She always believed in me even when i did not believe in myself. She always tell me that i should never be negative even when there is no way that i am going to make it or do something that i wanted to do.

Every time i wanted to give up, i always remember what my mother always tells me. I come a long way with the help of my family and my friends. Domenica who was always there to cheer me up even when things were not going well for her. Britany who always had something that will always make me smile and make me want to work harder. Odile who always welcome me with a smile, she is always happy; she makes everyone around her happy. This year would not be the same if it wasnt because of them. My friend Martha who is always realistic and helpful whenever i needed. They all had their special way in making me happy and better about things that were going on in my life.

I am very lucky to have friends like them that always look out for me. They were always there whenever i had a break down or whenever i felt like i wanted to give up. They made this school year better for me and i cant wait to go on another adventure with them.

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