Have you ever had a relationship where you dated someone you instantly had intimate or romantic chemistry with, but it never gets past that? Yeah, same. It is great for a bit and then you start to get bored of each other. There is nothing left that you can do because you have done all the cutesy date ideas on Pinterest or everything just feels like a routine. I have done this on two occasions and clearly through these two experiences, I have realized that I need more than just a romantic partner in my life.

After the first time I dated someone who I only have romantic connections with, I dated hands down one of my absolute best friends. And unfortunately things did not end well, but I am so thankful for that relationship for showing me that dating your best friend is the only thing that can sustain a relationship. You never get bored of each other because you are constantly being crazy with them which changes your routine all the time. Even if it is a low-key day with them, you are comfortable with their silence and just being with them is enough.

Dating your best friend is constant security and trust. There is never a question as to how either of you feel because you are comfortable with explaining exactly how you feel (whether it is good or bad). It is so much easier to explain to someone how you feel when you are so close to them and they understand parts of you that not a lot of people do. It is so important to have these people in your life to begin with, but it is just so much better when you are dating that person.

My favorite part of dating your best friend is that no conversation is off the table. Talks about philosophy or the universe. Talks about what you ate or what you want to eat (even though sometimes in a relationship it may be difficult deciding where to eat). Talks about family and friends whenever you need to vent. And the other part of these talks is that you always get an honest and raw opinion from someone who really cares about you and your well-being.

I mean you can do whatever you want, but just from my experiences I have realized that dating your best friend is the only way to maintain the most honest and best relationships. Dating your best friend makes for a fun filled relationship with honesty and lots of love and affection. It is always a constant adventure.

So, do yourself a favor and just do what is easier. Date the person that makes you laugh until you can't breathe. Date the person who will always give you the best advice and also an honest answer. Date those do not make you question your importance or meaning in their life because you already know. Just ate your best friend.