An Alternative Playlist To Get You Packing For College
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An Alternative Playlist To Get You Packing For College

A list of songs that will get you motivated for your new semester.

An Alternative Playlist To Get You Packing For College
The Caster Group

Not everyone is a fan of packing, especially if your shoving an entire semester's worth of necessities into large boxes and suitcases. Sometimes it can even be a struggle to get motivated to pack. Music usually helps our productivity. We find ourselves spending more time searching for music that hasn't been overplayed and less time actually packing. Here's a list of songs that can put you in that packing for college mood.

1. "Feeling Ok" by Best Coast

You may recognize their music from MTV’s "Awkward" and from Elizabeth Bank’s "The Walk of Shame." Best Coast’s warm weather vibes will make you ready to tackle any stubborn suitcase zipper that’s standing in your way.

2. "Going Away To College" by Blink 182

If you’ve been enjoying Blink 182’s new album, you should definitely check out some of their underrated songs such as "Going Away To College." The title is obviously fitting to what you're experiencing now.

3. "Campus" by Vampire Weekend

“Campus” is your go-to song for packing your notebooks and textbooks away. You might not be in your dorm room yet, but at least Vampire Weekend will get you prepared.

4. "Such Great Heights" by The Postal Service

The Postal Service is a cross between Death Cab For Cutie and Owl City. “Such Great Heights” has a fun electronic beat will get you folding your clothes in no time.

5. "Weightless" by All Time Low

The lyrics in “Weightless” might strike a chord in all the chaos that has lead to this moment. Maybe it’s not your weekend, but All Time Low knows it’s your year.

6. "Something Good Can Work" by Two Door Cinema Club

The title itself proves that Two Door Cinema Club will have you feeling optimistic about your upcoming semester. You might as well feel the positivity while you take a minute to text your college friends about future plans.

7. Champagne Year by St. Vincent

Consider “Champagne Year” the cool down song to your packing exercise. You probably need a break from the heavy lifting from your house to your car. St Vincent has a beautiful voice to listen to while you're double checking your boxes and suitcases.

8. "Drive" by Incubus

This song might be a throwback to your childhood, so embrace the fact that your packing session might have a sing-along. It’s not like anyone in your house can file a noise complaint to campus safety, so turn up the volume and enjoy some classic Incubus.

9. "Young Blood" by The Naked And Famous

So this song is often commercialized enough through clothing stores and movie scenes, but there must be a reason, right? If you need a song to blast through you car speakers while loading up the trunk, this is the one.

10. "Hold on, We're Going Home" by The Maine

Whether you’re a Drake fan or not, this cover is probably one that will quickly grow on you. Your college will be your home away from home for the next few months and now is the perfect time to embrace it.

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