An Alternative Playlist For Your October Festivities
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An Alternative Playlist For Your October Festivities

Music for your apple picking needs and Halloween candy binges.

An Alternative Playlist For Your October Festivities
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We're changing into the season of Ugg boots and flannels, but the radio is still playing the songs that we blared during the months of summer. October is approaching us and it only seems fair to listen to music that gets us ready for this crisp month. Here are some songs to play for your own fall festivities.

"October" by Broken Bells

Yes, the title of this song is one of the reasons why it's on the list. It's perfect to listen to while going upstairs to your attic for those plastic skeletons and witch hats. There's nothing like decorating for one of your favorite holidays!

"Little Lover's so Polite" by Silversun Pickups

Drawing sketches for pumpkin carving designs can be difficult. Silversun Pickups has your back with their distorted guitar riffs and spooky vibes to get you feeling creative. You may recognize the song from the movie Jennifer's Body. Maybe this will inspire you to make a zombie jack o lantern?

"I Will Play Games Beneath the Spin Light" by Brand New

The first few verses of this song can be the introduction of your commute to work or school. Brand New knows the bittersweet feeling of adjusting to a new season. They also understand the angst you feel during the weekdays. De-stress by plugging in your headphones and turning up the volume for this one.

"Leaves in the River" by Sea Wolf

October is a month full of scary stories, but this song tells a different tale. This song is charming through whimsical lyrics and its sweet melody. You should save this one for a rainy day in a coffee shop or a sleepless fall night.

"Daylight" by Matt and Kim

The temperature is obviously not the only thing that changes during October. This song is made for both night owls and early birds. Matt and Kim's playful piano will have you optimistic about all the apple picking you'll be doing this month.

"Killing Moon" by Greg Laswell

This song will sound familiar to those who love Donnie Darko or 80's alternative. Greg Laswell's cover of Echo and the Bunnymen hit single is an ideal song to play while stargazing with your cup of warm cider. You might even spot a full moon or a shooting star while listening.

"Heads Will Roll" by Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs

Most people already blast this song at parties, so why not play it while trying on Halloween costumes? Yeah Yeah Yeahs are known for their catchy songs and this is one of the many options of songs you could listen to this October. Just don't loose your head if a sales associate requests you to turn down the volume on your phone.

"Help I'm Alive" by Metric

Metric will help you get hyped for your entrance into a haunted house or hayride. If scary experiences are not your cup of tea, you could always listen to this song while walking aimlessly through a corn maze. Metric has a way of creating music that you can leave on repeat for hours. You'll need a song like this one to keep you occupied.

"Homecoming" by Hey Monday

October is a month that celebrates school spirit. Now seems like a good time to wear some face paint and take selfies with your team's mascot. Hey Monday will make you cheer for your favorite athlete from the bleachers.

"Sex And Candy" by Marcy Playground

Here's a classic tune for a karaoke night or a sing-a-long with your friends during that Halloween weekend. We may never know what disco lemonade is or why cheesy 90's music is close to our hearts, but we love this song regardless.

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