I don't swear. The worst word I'll say is "freaking."

And because I don't swear, I have said (and heard) some amusing forms of curse words.

Here are 25 of my favorite alternatives to swearing.

1. "Golly Darn"

I say this more than I care to admit.

2. "Dang Flabbit"

I say this a lot, too.

3. "Poopy Doopy"

This one is credited to my youth pastor.

4. "Well, shoot"

Another gem from my youth pastor.

5. "Durnit"

Shoutout to my roommate!

6. "Fudgsicles"

Again, my roommate.

7. "Frick"

I want to stop saying this one so much, but it's just a normal reaction at this point.

8. "Gee Whiz"

This is what I say when I'm scared.

9. "Oh Man"

This is usually said when an accident occurs.

10. "My Lanta"

Don't mind me. This is just my normal vocabulary.

11. "Gosh Darnit"

I tend to say this when something doesn't go my way.

12. "Flippity Floppity"

And this is for when I'm angry.

13. "Oh, snag"

I've never used this one personally, but I've heard it before.

14. "Man, oh man"

Because you don't always need to curse when things are getting exciting or intense.

15. "Yikes"

The situation for this one doesn't even need to be bad. "Yikes" is just a mood.

16. "Golly"

Golly this, golly that. Golly, golly, golly.

17. "Farts"

"Farts" is usually reserved for when the situation is not good.

18. "Butthole On A Stick"

Again, not a good situation.

19. "Jerk Butt"

When someone does you wrong, feel free to call them this.

20. "Jerkhole"

Or you can use this one if they really do you wrong.

21. "Mother Lover"

Angry words.

22. "Chicken In A Biscuit"

Choose whenever you want to use this. It leads to some fun conversation topics.

23. "Sugar Toots"

This is my roommate's favorite.

24. "Kittens In A Mitten!"

This is just fun to say.

25. "Jerk"

Best said with an extreme Arkansian accent.