I'll never understand why you do what you do. Why you talk to multiple people at once. Invest your time in them. Make them think you've invested emotions in them. Allow them to get attached to you knowing damn well you're going to walk away in the next few weeks. It's disturbing to me because I could never do the same. Maybe you think it's the cool thing to do. Or maybe you just like the attention. I'll never know because none of you are honest with yourselves or others.

I was talking to a guy recently who I grew to trust. Only to find out I should've never trusted him at all. He exposed his true self late one night when he decided to put the girl he claimed was his best friend in the same room as me. We got to talking, or better yet her best friend got to insulting me, and I ended up finding out he had been cheating on her for months. I felt disgusted both with myself and with him. I couldn't believe he had put either one of us through that. He didn't seem to care though. In fact, he didn't care at all. The only thing he wanted from me the day after he put me through hell was his money back for a concert we were supposed to go together.

I'm not hurt, just confused. He did an amazing job of lying to me about his feelings and probably his whereabouts. I started to get suspicious toward the end and ask questions he clearly answered falsely. I should've accepted the warning signs that he was using me sooner rather than later. When we went out, we almost always paid separately. I was always the one driving because he supposedly doesn't have a car. When he did for two days though, he didn't tell me. He would barely look at his phone when we were together and when he did he'd angle it away from me.

I guess I didn't want to believe another guy I was interested in had disappointed me. I know what he did isn't my fault. If I had known, I never would have been involved with him. It went down the way it did and I can only grow from here on out. I'd just like to know one thing. Is this going to keep happening?