'To All The Boys I've Loved Before' recently took the world by storm. This movie with the perfect about of reality sprinkled with cheesy, lovey-dovey goodness. This is the accurate representation of any high school love story — Lara Jean and Peter.

So, without further ado, here are the top 10 moments of this spectacular movie.

1. When Lara Jean and Peter make dates to watch their favorite movies during their fake relationship.

'Sixteen Candles' and 'Fight Club' are both some pretty good choices.

2. When they did that butt-in-the-pocket spin in the cafeteria. 


3. When Lara Jean and Peter are at the diner and Peter looks so sad when Lara Jean says that they are just pretending. 

He. Looked. So. Crushed :(((

4. When Peter puts the popcorn bowl on the floor to play-wrestle with Lara Jean's sister. 

When he is good with kids >>>

5. When Lara Jean is daydreaming and made-up Peter makes made-up Josh totally disappear. 

Do I sense a change in crushes? Yes, yes I do.

6. When Lara Jean hopped on top of Peter in the hot tub.

Talk about freaking STEAMY.

7. When Lara Jean subtly showed off her new lock screen. 

I want a whole scene of Lara Jean laying on Peter's chest, not just a quick flash of a phone screen.

8. When Peter stood up for Lara Jean in front of the entire school. 

Yeah, screw you, Gen.

9. When Lara Jean's sister comes downstairs with a box full of Peter's letters. 

Lara Jean, everyone was so impressed by your presentation in lit, but especially me. I love having a smartypants fake girlfriend.

10. When Peter finds Lara Jean on the lacrosse field and says "I love you, Lara Jean."