All it takes is a little faith to move a mountain.

This one is for the people who just don't know.

This one is for the people who don't have any answers.

This one is for the person who has faith, despite the bad news.

I listened on the radio to a song called "Even If" by MercyMe. Listen to it. Like right now. It will change you. I balled my eyes out from beginning to end. There is a line that says, "They say it only takes a little faith to move a mountain. Well, good thing a little faith is all I have." It summed me up and I know it sums most of you all up, too.

If there is anything life has taught me over the past year is that this world is not for you. This world is not Team *insert your name*. This world wants you to fall down. This world is of the devil.

But also, this past year has taught me that my God is for me. My God is Team Sydney. My God is for me.

I have learned that the saying "someone always has it worse then you" does not help anything. I have learned that life doesn't give you lemons all the time, nor does it give you what you want. I have had to swallow pride on many occasions.

But, I have also learned that God is faithful through it all. That even though I kick, scream, yell, and pitch a fit, He still holds me tight as ever. That even as I type this, He is reminding me of His promises and that I need to hold on to them.

This life was never meant to be our happy life. Heaven is meant for that. We were made for eternity. We were made to give glory to the Kingdom and then go home. Heartbreak and pain are just small steps towards the final destination.

But, we are human. We doubt that. We want happiness here on Earth. We want what we want. We want to be rewarded. I am just here to tell you that if you fill your brain with the things of this world, you will constantly be disappointed. You will always be let down. You will never be able to find the light at the end of the tunnel. You will never be satisfied. Jesus is the only thing/person that will ever be able to do that.

Choose Him today. All it takes is a little faith.