Here's the thing about writing: sometimes it comes easy, and sometimes it's gruesome. Sometimes your blood pumps to the beat of your tapping fingers and sometimes it takes an effort to type words because you know how horrible they sound.

So yeah, writing can be easy, but even if you have a story, writing is always, inevitably, gruesome in some way.

And here's why...

Even if the words are flowing through you, reading them a second time almost always makes you cringe. Stories and words usually sound better in our heads, so a writer's biggest challenge is keeping people on track with what we're thinking and not writing pointless words. Secondly, sometimes you can write fine, but your hear isn't in it. You know where to put in cunning alliteration and witty humor, and even though others enjoy it, it just feels bland to you.

But I think the worst part of being a writer, is the fear that your words and your story won't affect somebody.

At least for me, books and stories have been my safe space and an unbiased place from which to view the world. I can take my time with books, re-read lines and read between the lines. It has helped me develop who I am and what I want because they are always patient. Books were always my favorite place to go and they have never let me down. So something that scares me, 100% of the time, is the fact that not everyone will like what I write. Not everyone will relate to my words the way I do. And that's terrifying because I write to move people, to change people. I think it's hard sometimes to write and to blog because you're pushed to make lists and address holidays. That's expected of you. And sometimes, that can be fun. But sometimes every writer has to sit down and release the jumble of emotions and stories she has absorbed in a day to cope with her life. Poetry and prose aim to make sense of our world.

So yes, it's hard being a writer, always, and continuously because you are writing, begging the world to respond. Yet most of the time, the world remains silent, carrying on.