Recently Alabama has been pushing to pass a bill known as the "Alabama Human Life Protection Act." This bill has made people all over the country furious. This new bill is a straight-up abortion ban. It doesn't even give exceptions to cases of rape or incest and it even classifies birth control as abortion. If a woman from the state goes to another state to get an abortion, she will be charged with conspiracy to commit murder. Abortion is a constitutional right. Men in governmental positions should have no right to decide what a woman's body must go through. This is a gross attempt at trying to repeal Roe vs. Wade and hopefully, it won't work.

Here are some tweets that show the pro-choice Twitter community's thoughts on this bill and it's effects on the lives of women.

1. The fetus’ future is more important than the woman’s future

2. Birth control being counted as abortion 

3. Men are not held to the same sexual standards as per usual 

4. They’re simply anti-women

5. They don’t focus on other important issues

6. They are making women’s bodies property of the state

7. Their solution to everything is a ban...well except for guns 

8. They are trying to make rules about something that might not even apply to them

9. They don’t care about the fetus once it’s born 

10. They don’t understand that birth control has purposes for things other than not getting pregnant 

11. Men are free to leave their children when born, but women aren’t 

It takes two to create a baby. If the law forces the woman to have the baby then the man should be forced to support him or her as well.

12. They don’t put in as much effort into the things that matter more

13. Vaccinations aren’t mandatory because they’re a violation of a person’s body yet a woman being forced to have a baby is somehow not?

So you can’t tell parents what to do with their children’s bodies but you can tell women what to do with theirs? Makes sense.

14. Hi, uh, yeah, can I get a separation of church and state please?   

“Every life is a precious gift from God.” Except the lives of women who will deteriorate if they are forced to have a baby, except for the thousands of children in foster care, except for the children who lack a good education, except for the people dying from not being able to afford health care, and so on.

15. A rapist would spend less time in prison than a woman who aborted her rapist's baby

Stop punishing women for men’s actions.

16. These are the men making decisions about women's bodies

No, just no.

17. Also??????

We LOVE the hypocrisy.

18. Women shouldn't be the only ones carrying the responsibility of getting pregnant

Yes the woman is the one who gets pregnant, but it takes two people to make a baby.

19. Their priorities are clearly in the wrong place 

Abortion does not seem to be the biggest problem that needs “fixing” in Alabama.

20. “Pro-choice does not mean pro-abortion”

You can never want an abortion for yourself and still be Pro-Choice.

21. Some women are partially to blame as well

We need to support each other instead of allowing our fellow women to be stripped of their rights.

22. Where are the couples hoping to adopt children who need a loving home?

There are approximately 402,000 children in foster care in the US and over 80 million families living in the US. If 0.5% of families in the US adopted children, there would be no more children in foster care.

23. “Thoughts and prayers” don’t stop abortions, yet are used to try and stop school shootings? Ok

Apparently “thoughts and prayers" only work for school shootings. Apparently, bans work for everything except school shootings. Women are being attacked for their choices, meanwhile, the NRA gets to comfortably sit on their heap of cash.

24. The government doesn’t care about women after their baby is born — they only care when women are pregnant 

25. “Pro-life” is more “anti-abortion” than actually pro-life

What the government in Alabama is doing is straight up awful and a complete violation of women's rights.