A small electronic/pop-influenced band called AJR, from New York city released a new EP called “WHAT EVERYONE’S THINKING” which was uniquely impressive. This band is a band of brothers made up of Adam, Jack, and Ryan Met. This band is infamous for their uniqueness, as their debut single was “I’m Ready” which included a SpongeBob sound sample, which was one of their sillier ones. This song made it to the top 100, and in the top 50 for the pop chart on iTunes. That song kind of was the start for them, and after that they built a bit of a fan base which only grew from then. They still aren’t really to be considered famous, and they kind of like it that way. They have lots of smaller, intimate shows in which they make time to meet each individual fan which says a lot about them as musicians.

The EP “WHAT EVERYONE’S THINKING” in general brings so many unique things to the classic definitions of what “pop” music is or what it talks about. They talk about living with being a musician and making it work with a semi-normal life with lines like “I skipped prom for Elvis Duran In the morning”. They also talk about resisting peer pressure and the struggle of resisting it, along with things like complicated love. To generalize these examples given, their main purpose of this EP was to give voice to things that everyone is thinking, but not vocalizing.

Within 24 hours of the release, they were in the top 10 albums in the pop section of the iTunes charts, which is the highest they've ever charted in their musical career which is huge for them as a band. what is also huge about this is that they're talking about such things that aren't talked about nearly enough, and its getting listened to! by it being listened to, means that they have the opportunity to make an impact on the music industry, and its expectations.

Their single off of their new EP is called “I’m Not Famous” which essentially talks about all of the reasons they like that they’re not famous. This is one of those songs that is so unique that the theme of the overall song is so different than what is typical within the music industry. When have you ever heard of a musician singing about where they are in regards of fame? I haven’t heard one ever, which is one of the things that makes AJR as a band really stick out. This song is also something that you can dance to which is also a very good quality to have in a single because it gets people hooked once it's attached to an album or EP it can give them an incentive to listen to the other songs on the album or EP.