Feminism — the word seems to have a bitter taste that lingers in your mouth when you say it. Many people see feminism and think women who hate men and have some diabolical plan to take over the world. Well, that statement isn't entirely true.

Solid, true feminism is the simple ideology that men and women of all races are equal to one another. Thus, feminism is simple. If you believe that men and women should be equal to one another, then you would agree with these statements:

1. Women should have the right to choose what happens with their bodies, likewise with men, and society should accept that.

2. Men should be able to express their emotions freely at any time, and society should respect that.

3. Women can work at an equal level to men and should be paid for the same quality work that they are performing.

4. Women should not have to be afraid to walk alone in the dark or simply fear for their well-being just because they are women.

5. Men should respect women and view them at an equal level as they view other men.

6. Women can be powerful and should be given equal opportunities that men are given to show their strength.

7. Women should just be plainly viewed equally in the sense that they are viewed the same as a man would view another man.

8. Men should have no reason to be threatened by powerful women and vice versa.

9. Both men and women can be viewed past their looks and evaluated based off of who they are as a person.

These statements seem simple. You could even say that most people would agree with these statements. Although, when we see these simple statements turn into real-life situations, there seems to be a problem. If you ever, as a man or woman, view yourself questioning how you are active in this society, remind yourself of those simple statements. If you can agree with those, you can attempt to understand situations that may have previously upset you.

Feminism is a scary word to people because of the radicalism that has now morphed feminism. Feminism was never meant to be radical. It was always meant to be simple. Just like the phrase men and women are equal.