A lot of people have friend groups in high school, college, and beyond into their adult years. These groups are the people you call on when you want to go see that new movie, try that new restaurant, or just don't want to be alone for an entire day. You usually have something in common that binds you together, which is why my friend group is so uncommon. You see, we were friends in high school, but we weren't a "friend group." We hung out with each other, but not all together, until after I graduated high school. My friends and I span two years and three months in age difference, so at the moment two of us are juniors in college, one is a sophomore, two are freshmen, and one is a senior in high school. Let me tell you a little bit about these friends of mine, and why our friend group is one of the best things in my life.

We chose each other instead of letting life choose us for ourselves.

Victoria Tarkington

Most of the time, like I said earlier, friend groups are formed as a consequence of life. You form groups with the people in your school or work, and a lot of the times you're only friends because of that common ground you share. This gives you a few years as friends but then may never talk again. For us, even though we all go to church together back home, we weren't all that close until we started graduating. We could have easily just simply been friendly to each other when we came home from college, but instead, we chose to become friends.

We support each other, no matter what.

We're each other's biggest fans, and are on each other's side 100% of the time, even when one of us might be in the wrong. Not necessarily in a "you did no wrong" way, but more in a "you might have messed up, but I'm here for you and I'm gonna have your back through this". Thankfully nothing too terrible has happened to any of us so far, but I know that we would be there to pray for each other, and anything else needed throughout any rough patches in the future.

We always have a good time together.

Victoria Tarkington

One of the greatest parts of our friendship is our "game days." These are exactly what they sound like-days of games. We'll spend hours goofing off and playing games, many of which are stupid and wouldn't make sense to anyone but us. Game days are a cure for any bad day you've had - this is a proven fact.

I realize many people aren't friends with people from high school after graduation, but I consider myself one of the lucky ones, because I can honestly say they are some of my greatest friends, and I'm so glad this unlikely friend group was formed.