Afro Sheen, A Soulful Black Company That Embraced Natural Hair

Black hair has been through a variety of styles throughout the years. From braids to relaxers, black people have done plenty with their hair. However, there was one product line that gave black people the confidence to embrace their natural hair. Afro Sheen was created by George Ellis Johnson in the late 1960's, when natural black hair saw a massive resurgence. Here are 4 reasons why this product line was amazing and cool for all my brothas' and sistas'.

1. Afro Sheen provided one of the first natural hair care product lines for black people

Afro Sheen provided a variety of hair care products that helped many black people keep their beautiful naturals healthy. From conditioning shampoos, creamy pomades, and sheen spray for bouncy afros, Afro-sheen provided at-home products for natural hair.

2. The epic commercials showcased black women's beauty

Black women were predominantly used in the infamous Afro-Sheen commercials and were showcased as beautiful Nubian queens. Natural features of black women were embraced and the black women were praised for their embrace of the natural hair they were born with.

3. Afro Sheen also provided a variety of new natural hairstyles for black people

From creative cornrows to curly afro puffs, Afro-Sheen helped innovate a variety of new natural hairstyles through their commercials and products. Black people found inspiration from this product line and it encouraged them to branch out with their own braid designs and natural styles.

4. The black product line promoted unity

Black solidarity was very solid in the Afro Sheen company. From black love being shown on boxes of products to black love being shown in commercials. Black unity was promoted by this company. Black women and men supported each other and embraced their race together.

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