Starting is always the hardest part, but once you get going, you truly can't stop. When I started out in photography, I was awful. I didn't have my style. I had no clue how to frame a picture. I didn't know how to work with different lightings. I was lost.

I got discouraged at first while scrolling through Instagram seeing these awesome shots from accounts I adored. I would still be very discouraged if I hadn't met my best friend who also loves photography so much that she's in film school. She helped me so much by being encouraging and looking at things in different ways.

So my first piece of advice is to find a friend who will push you and encourage you just as much as you encourage them

Make sure they are someone who is open.

They are someone willing to hold doors open for you to help you get to that opportunity on the other side.

They are someone who critiques you even when you don't want to hear it.

They are someone who gets excited for you even when they have an awful day.

A photographer needs someone like this because it is hard out there.

One can constantly compare his work to someone else's work.

Photography is a very critical and cynical world.

There will always be those photographers who will give you bad advice to make sure they stay the best.

There are always those doubters right behind you when you feel like you've almost got it.

So find a friend, a photographer friend, who will be right there with you who will turn around and tell the doubters,"She's got it."