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25 Answers From A Mom To The Girl Who Is FINALLY Living On Her Own

You can do it!

Amber Leblanc
Amber LeBlanc

One of my dear co-creators asked some very important questions for the young adult who is FINALLY living on their own. As a mom, I am very qualified to answer these questions. Tip of the day, it is a good idea to ask these questions before you move out for anyone who is considering making the move.

1. What is my social security number?


Before moving out it is important to get either the original or a copy of your social security card from your parent. This is the number your life is now judged on. Credit cards, down payments, and even utility deposits are all dependent on this number. Memorize it if you can and keep it well secured.

2. I forgot when I took Advil for my cramps, if I take another one will I die?


Chances are you will not die if you take one extra of Advil. Advil is ibuprofen, if you are concerned and your cramps are still bad you can take another type of medicine. Tylenol and Aleve have different ingredients so they will not cause an overdose. (This is also a thing that if you aren't sure to check with a doctor. Everyone's body chemistry is different, and it may not work for you.)

3. This soup expired two months ago, and I ate it, am I going to die?


Probably not. Expired food will give you a massive stomach ache before it does anything else. A violently ill reaction can occur. Hydrate yourself and if the cramps/puking/otherwise continue for more than 12-24 hours, go to the ER.

4. How do I cook a chicken?


First off, chicken can not be eaten raw so do not eat it when it is pink. There are a few ways to cook chicken and the easiest way is to add some seasoning and then put it in the oven at 350 for 40-45 minutes. To make it cook evenly and to prevent it from drying out, flip it about halfway through the cooking time.

5. What the heck is SRP?


It is the electric company. Arizona has SRP, APS and a few others. There will be an electric bill, water bill, sewer bill, internet bill, trash bill, and depending on where you live gas bill. If you find an apartment, ask which ones of these they cover.

6. What's the best way to get a wine stain out of my shirt?


First thing don't rub the stain. The other thing is to make sure if you accidentally wash it before working on the stain not to dry it until the stain has been completely removed. It gets a bit complicated so follow these steps and pray. Even with best intentions wine stains do not always come out.

7. Are you sure I can leave the house with the slow cooker on? Because Jack Pearson in "This is Us" left his on and it set the house on fire and he died.


(Wipes tears). Yes, he did and that was a "long" time ago. Slow cookers have come a long way and so has electricity. Make sure to set the slow cooker in an area where there is nothing around it. If there are any frays in the wire or you have a faulty plug do not use it.

8. I found a bump, am I going to die? Do I need health insurance?


Are there any other symptoms than a bump? If not, some bumps can be normal especially near that time of month. Yes, get health insurance. Even when you are young you cannot know the future and having it helps. If your employer offers it do not opt-out.

9. Can I pull off mixing prints?


Carefully. Some prints can go very well together. Each one is unique but if you have a larger print and a smaller print they can sometimes go together. The key to knowing if you should or shouldn't wear it is to put it on, look in the mirror and imagine your mother wearing it. If you cringe, take it off.

10. If I am separating whites from darks, would this be considered a white or a dark?


Dark. If you have to ask if it's a white, chances are it should be in the dark.

11. Can't I just throw everything together in the washer and put it on cold?


I say yes. There are some caveats. If you have a new piece of colored clothing that has never been washed do not put it in there. If all of your clothes have been washed multiple times and you do not have any nice pure white blouses or tops, then yes. There are times when there are just not enough clothes to separate, so don't stress.

12. Can I bleach this?


If you have to ask, the answer is probably no. If you want to be safe you can get bleach for colors which can be used for anything. If you spill regular bleach on any of your clothes the only option is to make it a tie-dye to cover it up.

13. How much laundry detergent is too much?


The lid always has a measuring cup on it. Depending on the concentrate it may say you need less. If you put more than what the lid holds it is too much.

14. What do you mean I can't use fabric softener as a detergent? Isn't is just a good smelling version of detergent?


It is not a good smelling version of detergent. It does not get the grime out of the clothes. It makes them smell better longer, but don't use it for your workout clothes or your intimates.

15. Who do I call if I locked myself out of my apartment?


Your best friend or a close family member. The reason is because you will give them a key when you move in just in case this happens. It is always helpful to have someone you trust with a spare.

16. Can I have the Netflix password?



17. Can I have the Hulu password?


Hulu Live does not allow you to log in at a smart TV in a different location than the originating address. Depending on what you want to watch, there are other options like Sling for $25 or Philo for $20.

18. Can this go in the dishwasher?


All dishes will tell you on the bottom if they are dishwasher or microwave safe. If they don't say for sure, wash it by hand.

19. Wait, how do I do my taxes?


There are a few options. HR Block can walk you through it and they will take the fees out of your tax return. There are also free options online like Turbo Tax and they will walk you through each step.

20. Is the bank open on Sundays?


There are limited branches in grocery stores that are open on the weekend. Otherwise, they are open on Saturdays until noon or 1 p.m.

21. How long is too long to avoid going to the OBGYN?


If you are not sexually active or on birth control, it generally is not going to hurt if you don't go for a couple of years. If the above is the case, you should be going regularly which is usually once a year, like a wellness check.

22. What's the recipe for those cookies grandma used to make all the time? You know the ones.


While I don't know Grandma's recipe here is one bound to get you points at any party. It is one cup of peanut butter, one cup of sugar and one egg. Mix together until smooth and cook in a 350-degree oven for 6-8 minutes.

23. Is Dad there? He ignored my call and something is wrong with my car.


If the car is safe to drive go to local auto parts store. They can run a diagnostic on the car and see what is wrong with it.

24. Do you want to donate $5 to me for my coffee needs?


How about a $10 single coffee cup maker? It's not a brand name but real coffee is so much better than instant and can save you a bunch.

25. Can you please call me? I'm having a bad day.


Whenever you need her. Mom is there.

If you have already moved out it is not too late to call mom and ask these and other very important questions. If you are still looking to move out, take a cooking lesson from mom, make the cookies with her, and ask dad to teach you car basics. It will make life so much easier.

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