Advice From Those Who Survived
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Student Life

Advice From Those Who Survived

College advice from graduated seniors

Advice From Those Who Survived

For some, graduation is right around the corner and they’re not quite sure what to expect. But for others, they are still struggling through college, trying to figure out their lives and what they want to do. I asked some friends of mine who graduated from Valdosta State University what kind of advice they would want to know if they could have a do-over. So, here’s a little college advice from graduated seniors.

"It’s the oldest and most often piece of advice given, don’t procrastinate. Nothing good comes from waiting till the last day to write your paper or finish a project.

Find your home and family at school. Join an organization, club, sorority/fraternity, group, or sport where you make friends and feel at home with them. Having a place where you feel like you are welcomed and belong at school can make or break your college days.

When those opportunities for a late night Waffle House run, ice cream run, or random adventure arises: take it. Those are the moments you’ll look back on and wish you could relive over and over again once you graduate.”

-Mallory Edge, Graduated 2017

If you’re thinking your paper needs a little more editing or you need to fit in a few extra hours of studying for that exam, do it! Completing a task to its fullest potential is more important than that next episode of Parks and Rec.

Take advantage of everything! The library, your professors, the Moe’s on campus. Those invaluable tools (including the Moe’s) will not always be there after you graduate. Use them while you’ve got them!

Dedicate yourself to your major like an Olympian. Nothing beats a strong work ethic, preparation and flexibility. Honing these skills now will only benefit you greater once you’re out in the post-grad world.”

-Michael McClain, Graduated 2015

“Biggest advice: get a therapist! Therapists are not just for those that are in crisis or struggling with depression. There is something so valuable of getting the outside perspective of someone who has no stake in a situation and has years of life experience. I have learned so much about myself, areas of my personality/characteristics that I need to change, reframing situations and how I respond to them, how to avoid internalizing negative emotions. The benefits are really endless.

Another thing: have a vision of what you want to do and then get involved in organizations that are relevant to your future career, make connections with people in the field, visit your career center, make a bomb resume. You need to be gaining as much relevant experience in college as you can. Too many undergrads float through college without purpose and drive, and it sets them up to be under qualified when they go to apply for their first jobs.”

-Mary Mason Beale, Graduated 2017

“Enjoy every second and take in every experience. Even as stressed as you'll feel and fed up with papers and tests, you won't ever be in that same exact setting with the same exact people in quite the same way. And it will go by quick!

Prep for the real world (I.e. look into grad schools, potential jobs, cities you might want to move to) but don't worry if you don't have all the answers by graduation. No one does!

Your professors are your friends and can continue to teach you things even after you've graduated.”

-Larren Woodward, Graduated 2016

“Keep your eye on what the future has in store for you. But, live in the present.

I can't stress enough that big goals/dreams do take time. So, don't stress if you get out of college and you don't get your dream job. This is just the beginning.

Surround yourself with positive energy. You'll need it!!! (there's way more negativity in the world. Especially in a big city!)

Once college is over, you might discover that people you were super close with.. you don't talk to anymore! Savor those college friendships and continue to check in and support each other as you plan the first few steps into adulthood. You'll need a strong support system!!!"

-Austin Vickers, Graduated 2017

'Don't take that 8am!!! Just don't. You know you won't go. But if you do, SHOW UP. Even when a class is kicking your butt, or you feel like crap, and showing up to class is all you do - it will make your life easier down the road. It helps your grades, and professors are more likely to help students who put in a little effort.

Be single. College is the time for discovering yourself. If that freshman boyfriend is your soulmate, he can wait a few years.

Take advantage of all those free resources!!! Free library, free gym, free advising, etc. You won't find that again. (Also, it's not really free because you're paying tons of tuition - so USE IT).

Take pictures of everything! Of your friends, campus, and adventures. You will remember this for the rest of your life - document it!

College is a time for making mistakes and experimenting. Make those mistakes! Most mistakes are not permanent - some are, though. So be careful.”

-Mikaela Brielle, Graduated 2017

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