10 Tips For Happiness, With Wisdom From My Wise Grandparents
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10 Tips For Happiness, With Wisdom From My Wise Grandparents

I thought it would only be fitting to then ask them for their own tips for happiness and how they have managed to live fulfilling lives for over 60 years.

​Ananya Jain's grandparents
Ananya Jain

My grandparents have always been a source of inspiration for me. Their commitment to hard work and perseverance in some of the toughest situations is what pushes me to be a better person and their wise words never fail to be applicable to my own life. I thought it would only be fitting to then ask them for their own tips for happiness and how they have managed to live fulfilling lives for over 60 years. Here is what they told me:

1. Do your work on time

My grandparents stressed how important it is to finish your work in a timely manner and to not procrastinate on important tasks. When you finish your work well before you need to, you attain a peace of mind and worry less.

2. Be punctual

My grandfather values punctuality in all aspects of his life. This means that he is never late to any meeting and follows a consistent time schedule that ensures he gets the most out of his day. He goes to bed early so he can wake up early, makes sure never to skip a meal or eat late, and is always prepared for any given situation.

3. Love everyone

My grandparents both grew up in households where they were taught to respect their elders and show love to those younger than them. No matter who they encounter, they are sure to speak politely to them. As my grandma says, "If your surroundings are happy, then you are also happy."

4. Make good friends

You may not be able to choose your family, but you do have control over who you let into your life. Having good friends means that you can learn from them, rely on them during critical times, and trust them to support you. In certain instances, friends can be more important than relatives.

5. Community service

My grandfather has always emphasized the importance of being actively involved within the community to me. Whether it be raising funds for those in need, teaching children, cleaning up trash around the neighborhood or volunteering with a local organization, community service can be a great way to bring joy to your life and the lives of others.

6. Stay connected to your family

My grandparents described family as a person's roots: a set of people that you can consistently go back to for support and strength. Maintaining those roots is critical because you gain unconditional love from your family. With a family backing you up, you can do and achieve anything.

7. Don't waste your time with gossip

Don't use up your time finding faults within other people and spreading words of hate. Instead, put your energy towards fostering positivity.

8. Maintain your hobbies

Spend time doing what you love like reading a good books, going on walks, or playing an instrument.

9. Travel often

Go to places you've never been before so you can learn about that region's history, culture and food!

10. Pray and worship

When my grandparents feel alone or in trouble, they always turn to prayer or meditation to find an inner peace of mind. Worship is a way for them to gain stability and build confidence within themselves.

I want to take the time to thank my grandparents for always passing on their wisdom to me and my hopes are that these tips can bring more joy to your life as well.

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