Advice For Seniors and Incoming College Freshmen
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Student Life

25 Things All Graduating Seniors And Incoming College Freshmen Need To Hear

Advice to graduating seniors and college freshmen, who are excited and ready to take on this incredible and thrilling times of their lives

25 Things All Graduating Seniors And Incoming College Freshmen Need To Hear

One of the most exciting and scariest parts of your life may be graduating high school and moving on to college. Along with not being a kid you are now thrown into a world were the mistakes you make can't be covered by friends and family, it's all you now. Here is a list of advice and tips to make these years safe and fun!

Graduating Seniors

Incoming College Freshmen

Study hard, senior year counts just as much as the other three

It may take a while to find a solid group of friends, so don't give up

Everything ends up working out, the small things you tend to stress out about will figure themselves out

Even when you find friends, they may not be your real group until the next year, because people drop out, change majors, get involved in different activities, and you may all grow with different morals and values, so don't stress it if your group is always changing

It's okay to live in the moment, social media and your social life isn't everything, enjoy being where you are

Changing your major is OKAY, as you grow you may realize the path that you thought you were meant for just isn't meant for you after all. However that does not mean you should give up

Don't spend more time on Netflix and social media than you do with your friends and fam

Freshmen 15 is real so just expect the weight and roll with it, you have the next four years to work it off

Just because you are growing up does not mean you rule your life and can do whatever you please, remember the people around you and how your actions have consequences

But on the flip side, don't forget to eat because you can lose weight

When senioritis starts to kick in just remember how much you'll regret not trying your hardest when you miss that scholarship by 0.1 GPA score

Just because you can eat ice cream and candy for every meal does not mean you should, don't forget your veggies!

Retake the ACT and SAT until you're proud of your scores

Don't forget to drink water (And no coffee and soda do not count as water)

It's not embarrassing to tell your friends you can't hang out because you have to study

A reusable water bottle will save your life

College applications can be scary and stressful, but if you manage your time you will realize that it is very achievable

Having a toaster in your dorm is illegal, but so worth it

Apply to all of the colleges you can/want to, even if you think you won't get in, it's better to not be accepted compared to not trying at all

You don't need a shower caddy

Apply to every scholarship you can, it is free money!

Bring as much clothes as you want, you will find a way to fit it all

Stay ORGANIZED , you will learn the more organized you stay the smoother the year will run and you will have more time to do what you want

Do NOT use all of your dining dollars/ food money too fast because it sucks when you don't have any left

Those teachers who demand so much from you in your "easy" year are getting you ready for the tough classes and stressful nights college is going to consist of

Stay busy when the homesickness starts to feel real, and trust me it will happen sooner or later

Senior year does not always contain easy classes and no homework, it can be hard

Call your parents!! They miss you more than you can even imagine

Even the easier classes you will have, will have needed to be taken serious and studied for because if not your GPA WILL drop

Get out of your dorm as much as possible, the more involved you are the more likely you are to enjoy your college experience

Taking notes, staying after class to ask questions, and studying hard will not make you a "nerd", although it will prepare you for college and succeeding in whatever you set your mind to

Go on those 2am adventures, even when you have an early class in the morning, because those crazy times always bring the best memories

Just because your friends are doing things you don't agree with doesn't mean you have to

"Freshmen Activities" may seem dumb and pointless but you will meet some awesome memories

Don't let peer pressure beat you down, it may be hard now, but not being "cool" now will be so much better than looking back and having regrets

Floor meetings and orientation sound unnecessary but will give you the opportunity to find some pretty incredible friends

Try new things but be safe and smart about what you are doing

Get to know your RA, they will definetley be a BIG help

Test out the new hair color and style you've always wanted to rock, this is your year to be you!

It is okay to cry in front of people, they understand and feel what you are going through, even if they aren't going through exactly what you are

Try to get a job, I promise you'll wish you had the money later on

Your mental health is more important than your 9am classes

If you're in sports, treasure the heated practices, sore muscles, coaches yelling, winning and losing games, because this may be your last season ever

Don't skip class all the time but skipping sometimes won't be the end of the world

Go to the football games, dances, senior trips and activities because you will regret not going and seeing all of the pictures down the line

You will either love or hate your roommate, there is no in-between and it's okay either way

Take pictures and videos!! Looking back at then will soon be the only way of remembering those deep memories

Talk to your roommates about who is bringing what or you will end up with four sets of everything

Remember your friends and classmates are growing too, and it's okay if you lose friends are fade from your group, you are becoming your own person

The unspoken fights about who's turn it is to do the laundry, trash, and dishes will happen and it's always easier to just do it and avoid the argument

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