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As the oldest of four, I have had quite the past. I was the test child, the one who was tasked with training my parents. And through this I have learned many things and have had some crazy experiences. And I know one day my sisters will come knocking on my door to ask me questions about life and what I have done but I want to share a few things now. Obviously, I cannot share some of the better stories and tips as my parents do read these (or so they say) but I can give some advice that maybe my sister will find one day. So here are a few things that I would like to tell them.

1. Find your person.

Everyone has that one person who just clicks. This person will be your everything no matter how emotionally detached they may seem. They will become your partner in crime, your escape plan, and more than likely, your shoulder to cry on. You can act tough but this person will see right through your facade. Get you one of them and keep them close.

2. Save your cash.

I know having your own money is super awesome, but put some of it away. You'll be thankful when it comes time to get a car and you actually have cash to buy one. On top of that, college is super expensive and you will more than likely need to save money for that. Starting now will let you build up and still have fun. I am telling you right now that you do not need thirty thousands bottles of nail polish so save your money for something useful.

3. Think college.

I am not saying you have to have your life figured out, but at least put some thought into what you'd like to major in before senior year. Go look at colleges and do some research. Senior year is stressful enough, don't wait until then to start looking for colleges. It is a big decision. And do not, I repeat, DO NOT go to a college just because your best friend is going there. Do your OWN research and choose a college that is right for you!

4. Enjoy your simple life.

I wish I could go back to senior year. I wish I would have spent more time doing kid stuff rather than working my butt off and taking AP courses. I am not saying I regret it, the money was good and my GPA reflected my school work, but you only get to be a kid for so long before work becomes mandatory and every class you take is like an AP course. Enjoy the home cooked meals, the familiarity of your routine, being able to see your friends. It will all change in an instant. And you may be thinking that you can't wait for it all to change, but you're wrong. You will long to sit down with the family every night, wish that you could see your old friends more than just on break. Don't get me wrong, it's exciting. But it's not quite what you think it is.

5. You get away with so much crap.

I guess mom and dad got old in the couple months that I have been gone because I would have never gotten away with half the crap you do. I was wearing a jacket from November to April (as far as they knew). How you are allowed out in a sweatshirt in the middle of February is beyond my comprehension. And how come you can get the dishes done whenever you please? I had to have that done by four. Spoiled brat.

6. Don't break their trust.

Once dad and mom trust you, you get a whole bunch of freedom. It is fantastic. However, the second you break that trust you lose it all and they will never really trust you again. Eventually you will be allowed back out and eventually they'll stop mentioning the time you screwed up but they will always wonder if you are really going to that friend's house or if they'll get a call to pick you up from the police station at three in the morning because you were out drinking (they like to make up crazy scenarios like that).

7. If you are going to sneak out, delete your texts.

Now I will probably get a lot of crap for this but I feel like it is something important. First off, there really shouldn't be a reason that you are sneaking out. Just tell them where you are going. But if for some odd reason it does arise, tell your person where you will be and keep her updated. Safety first. Second, delete any incriminating texts that they may find. Don't believe that 'we can see your texts online' crap because they can't. They can only see the number you texted and when.

8. You have a valuable asset.

Me. I am your asset. I am a phone call away. I have a car and I don't have to tell mom and dad where I am going because I don't live at home. If you need an adult for any reason and don't want the parents to know, call me. I do not care what time it is or where I am at, I will come get you. Even if you just need to talk. Part of being a teenager is making mistakes and I get that. I will pick you up, minimal questions asked. Unfortunately, if our parents do find out I will not lie to them. But I will not just call them up and tell them whats up if you don't want me to. I have a don't ask, don't tell policy but if they ask I have to tell.

I got you kid. And I have plenty more advice when you are ready for it. Love you!

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