Words of Wisdom: From A College Freshman to High School Seniors

Words of Wisdom: From A College Freshman to High School Seniors

Why spend all of your time stressing while you could be enjoying your last few months at home?

I know you’re crying over college stress and I know that every day without that acceptance letter will make your life harder. Trust me.

I waited from September 1st, all the way until April 7th to hear back from the only school that I cared about.

There were a lot of tears during that eight month span. A lot.

I understand your stress and tears, and not to sound too cliche, but things will get better.

Now that I think of it, instead of spending so much time crying and stressing, I could have been enjoying my last few months living at home. It sounds dramatic, but it’s the truth. You’re going to have months where you don’t go home once and you’re going to have months where you feel like you spent too much time at home. Enjoy your comfortable bed, you won’t get one in college. Enjoy showering without being forced to wear shoes, communal showers are nasty. Enjoy your pets and parents, because they’re not going to college with you.

Most importantly, enjoy your best friends while you can still spend everyday with them. It sucks to be in a different state than every single one of your best friends. The hardest part about going home on any given weekend is that your best friend isn’t a short drive away. She’s still in another state. The car that drove by you that you honked at because you thought it was her, not her. She’s still in another state. Your daily lunch dates and weekly mall trips aren’t happening anymore in college. Enjoy them now.

Also, enjoy your boyfriend. I can rewrite this paragraph so many times and still not find the right words to describe being away from your him, but this is the best that I can do. You’re going to get to a point where you don’t see him for a while and the thought of just giving him a hug could make you break down in tears. Even walking by a guy who wears the same cologne as him could really upset you in a way that you didn’t even know was possible. Skype or FaceTime WILL become your best friend. You’ll get to a point where the thought of seeing him for 5 minutes would be enough, just so that you don’t have to go a full month without him. You’ll get in stupid fights, but you’ll get over it. You’ll be fine. The first month will say a lot about your relationship and how long it will last. The most important thing about long distance relationships is communication, and I can’t stress it enough. But, when you love someone, being away is hard, but if you love them enough, then you can get through it.

Finally, leaving mom and dad isn’t easy. Without your parents, you won’t get home cooked food. It doesn’t seem like a big deal but to a girl whose mom made dinner every night, it sucks. Sure, they’re only a phone call away, but sometimes you just want to be able to see them. Face it, they’re your parents, I know they’re not easy to deal with during senior year because you’re just on the cusp of freedom. But you’re going to miss them. Adulting isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Adjustment isn’t easy, and the people that make it look easy are lying. We all have days where we cry because dining hall food is nothing compared to your mom’s home cooked food or how no one can cheer you up like your dad. It takes a lot, especially when you’re trying to balance loads of homework, a somewhat-normal sleep schedule, friendships, and time for yourself.

Enjoy being in your childhood hometown because you can walk around on campus for a full day and not see one familiar face.

And it may sound like I really don’t enjoy college, but I wouldn’t change anything. I love being at Temple University. I’m exploring my personal and academic strengths and weaknesses. I’m learning how to adjust to city life. I’m trying new things. And, to make life better, I have the most amazing group of friends who make my stressful days worth it.

I miss home, I really do. It’s such a great feeling to be home for a few days and get away from school, but I always find myself missing my little dorm room, my daily schedule, and all of my new friends.

You’ll always have a special place in your heart for your hometown, but your new life awaits and is coming up quicker than you’d expect.

College is fun and exciting. Keep an open mind and you'll be nothing but surprised at how much fun it really is.

The bottom line is, enjoy what you have while you still have it. Wherever you end up, whether it’s your top school or not, you will be happy. High school flies by in a heartbeat, and if you’re too busy waiting to get out, you might just miss it.

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I Don't Rank My Friends, And You Shouldn't Either

All of you earn the title of best, because that’s what you are.

Have you ever hung out with a person who lets you know you aren’t their best friend? They later announce when their real best friend shows up.

They might as well have said, “Oh look, better company!” You’re left laughing at their inside jokes the rest of the night and wishing you had stayed home with your mom instead.

I’ve never understood people who rank their friends. I may have been that person at a time, but thankfully I left that habit in middle school (along with my blue eyeshadow and sparkle Uggs), because the process of placing more value on one person than another just feels wrong.

There is absolutely nothing productive about having only one best friend. The only outcome is hurt among other people you love and the obvious indication that you don’t know how to spread the love. Dude, make new friends & keep the old... Sing it with me!

Now if there is truly only one person you can consider a best friend, then you have more than enough. One true person is better than one hundred fake ones. But if you have a crew of incredible people who make you feel loved and would do anything for you, then it’s time to make it plural. They are all valuable, each as precious as the other.

So shout out to my best friendS. Y’all fill my heart in your own special ways!

Cover Image Credit: tv.com

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5 Things You Can Start Doing Now To Make Sure You Have Direction In 2018

May 2018 bring you good health, less stress, and all things good.

A brand new year marks the beginning of many things. Whether 2018 is the year you begin college, or graduate; The year where you travel somewhere new or take on new things; The year where you flourish into the best version of yourself, here are 5 things you can start doing now to make sure you have direction in 2018.

1. Take risks.

I'm sure you've heard this plenty, probably even before the new year even started. So what's stopping you from stepping out of your comfort zone? Step outside and see what the world has to offer you. Don't limit yourself because you're scared of what the outcome may or may not be.

You're human, it's only natural for everyone to be afraid of the unknown but a year is too short to ponder on "what if's." Take on those risks and unfamiliarity head on, it will help you blossom into a wondrous person.

2. Accept failure.

As blunt as this may be, you're going to fail at times. A lot. The fact of the matter is: life is unfair. Things are going to happen to us that we wouldn't wish upon our worst enemy, sometimes things are out of your control, but you live and learn and that's the beauty of it.

May this be the year you come to terms with that fact if you haven't done so already. I promise it will save a lot of time and emotional burden. Everyone is going to fail and who cares? Who cares. Don't get me wrong, when things don't always go as thoroughly planned as I intended them to be, it sucks. It doesn't stop me though from tackling on the next thing and it most certainly shouldn't stop you.

3. Love yourself unconditionally.

Fall in love with yourself this year, more than you ever will. Nobody is going to love you more than you love yourself. You are a one of a kind gem and you should be treated as such and nothing less than that. Don't accept any negativity from anyone who makes you feel an less than that.

This year take yourself on dates, treat yourself, and do what makes you happy. Remember that your mental health comes before anything else and I cannot emphasize that enough. Learn to accept the flaws, embrace your insecurities, and love what makes you, you. Fall in love with yourself, you will be invincible.

4. Leave anything toxic from 2017.

If you haven't done so already, be sure to leave all the toxic, negative things behind––anything that stressed you out, strained relationships with friends or loved ones, and especially any self-hate or doubt. I know, easier said than done but it truly starts with you and taking it on in whatever way that may be or how long.

As long as you make the initiative this year and try. If you gradually remove the toxins from your life, your days will start to shine much brighter.

5. Take on 2018, one day at a time.

To save the best for last, remember to take this year one day at a time. Don't focus on the past and whatever shenanigans happened in 2017. Leave it in 2017! For all the worries of what may hold in your future, stop it. No one, not I, and especially not you, knows what the future may hold for us. All we can do is direct all our energy and time into the present and hope for the best.

A lot of times we forget to appreciate the moments in the present. Live each day like it's your last. Appreciate your loved ones, surroundings, and yourself in 2018.

This is your year, make the best of it.

Cover Image Credit: Jerry Kiesewetter

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