Adventure Is Out There And Only A Tap Away
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Adventure Is Out There And Only A Tap Away

A smartphone app that takes you from your couch to adventure in seconds

Adventure Is Out There And Only A Tap Away

Jake Santangelo is a man of many things. He is a 2014 Michigan State Political Science Pre-Law graduate, the former Editor-In-Chief of The Odyssey in 2012, a past White House intern, an Eagle Scout and, most importantly, the creator of an inventive new app called Adventurate.

“Basically, Adventurate is an app that’s like Amazon for adventures,” Santangelo said. “People can find deals on activities like kayak rentals, sand boarding, etc. There are a lot of really cool things Adventurate does for its users. “

As the CEO of Adventurate, this former Spartan has coded, designed and built the app from scratch. Santangelo not only runs the company, but also has allowed for his application to hit consumers with an easy and free download.

“People can go on the app and find an adventure they love and then pay from their phone at a discount.” Santangelo explains. “After, they can just walk up and show their email to the guide.”

Not only is Adventurate simple to use, it saves users money and allows them to experience great adventures locally.

The state of Michigan is known for its immense beauty, hence the tagline “Pure Michigan”. From the Great Lakes to Northern Michigan, there are so many cool opportunities to get outdoors and get active, and Adventurate allows you to do just that easier than ever.

Fortunately for users that break out of the state lines, Santangelo hopes to not exclusively focus on Michigan and summer activities for long. Instead, he has big plans to expand Adventurate’s horizons across the country, maybe someday even the world.

“In the immediate future, I would like to see the app involved with Florida,” Santangelo said. “I know that people travel south for the winter, so I want Adventurate to be there. The long-term vision is that you could spin a globe around, throw a dart at it and wherever that dart lands, you can find something to do there with Adventurate by your side.

The world is our oyster, and Santangelo’s mission is to allow you to experience all this giant oyster has to offer.

“The app is pretty awesome,” Santangelo said. “It is something really different and convenient. I just love it, and I am finding that so many other people are loving it, too.

So, whether your thirst for adventure simply cannot be quenched or you wallet is stopping you from going out and doing the things you love, download Adventurate and solve whatever may be preventing you from experiencing our world. This application will save you money, save you time and save you from any boredom that tries to damper your exploratory lifestyle.

Carl Fredricksen from Pixar’s UP said it first, “Adventure is out there,” and now is a better time than ever to go chase after it. So download Adventurate here , check out Santangelo’s website , start booking some fun activities and fulfill all your adventurous needs with just a few taps on your smartphone screen.

With great adventure only a few clicks away, why not take advantage of it?

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