Being left-handed was never weird for me. I followed in the foot steps of my two older brothers and never thought twice about it. While it comes with its downs (i.e. no one designs desks for us, writing in notebooks always sucks and the number one favorite by lefties... all the ink and pencil marking that cover the outer side of your hand after writing just about anything. EXCEPT, it isn't always so bad for more reasons than one.

1. We are found to be more creative

See! Look at that. Being left-handed practically makes you cool. Left-handed beings are found to have a more creative mindset than those who write with their right hand. This entails a greater imagination than plain ol' right handed folk. Who doesn't love an out of the box thinker? This is basically proven just about every time lefties have to think creatively on how to orient their paper and their pen choice to avoid ink stains on the outer edge of their hand.

2. There have been some WAY cool left-handers out there

By being left-handed, you get to add yourself to the rare 10 percent of the population that is left-handed. Therefore, this clumps you with celebs such as:

Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Leonardo Da Vinci, Ned Flanders (possibly one of my personal favorite lefties), Jimi Hendrix, Jay Leno, Robert DeNiro, Prince William, Steve Job and SO many more. (Seriously, just Google it. It's crazy fun to see those in the same 10 percent of the population as you.)

3. Left-handers = more $$$

If getting to classify yourself with Prince William and Steve Jobs wasn't enough, you'll love this. According to an article, "9 Weird Advantages of Being Left Handed" published by Education and Career News, lefties who graduate college are known to make 26 percent more money than their fellow right-handed college graduates. I believe this is a drop the mic moment. Kudos to all the lefties out there who are clearly kicking ass in their careers.

4. Your sport's game is off the charts

Lefties get the upper hand when it comes to their sports game. In sports such as baseball (both hitting and pitching), tennis and many others (often one-on-one sports), being left-handed throws your opponent for a loop. It throws the symmetry of the entire game off. This off-ness it much more easily handled by lefties than right-handed athletes.

5. Being different is COOL

Be proud that you're different. I personally could never imagine myself being a "righty." It just feels wrong. Being left-handed allows you to be special. Yes, the world was definitely designed for those who are right-hand dominant. However, SO WHAT? There is by far nothing wrong with being unique. Own it, embrace it, love it.

The lists of reasons why being left-handed is right could go on and on. Various studies are constantly being done to fine tune what really are the true advantages and disadvantages of being left-handed verse right-handed. Do some Googling and check them out!